Happy Independence Boy

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Dearest Antonio,

Let me see, it is your birthday and I’m thinking of what to say to you on your special day. What picture to post. What poetic things to say. Well, this is the best I have come up with. Something you can reminisce when you’re all grown up. Something to read about how it was when you were three.

The Top 12 Things I Remember Most About Our Antoniolabs:

12. The Etymology of Kakak – it is pronounced as ka-kak. when you first saw a cockroach you weren’t afraid at all (and I could have never been any proud). You were fascinated. We told you what it’s called and the best thing you can muster is that – kakak. From then on we called every weird creature as that – from weird looking insects to ghosts to vampires to whatever. And that folks, is the history of the word kakak. Bow.

11. Milk and then some more milk – you know you’re three now and perhaps we can count how many times you have taken or eaten other food other milk. You drink milk in he morning, during snack, lunch, merienda, dinner, before going to sleep, while sleeping. It’s all milk. i wonder if you’d still be like that when you’re 7 or 8 and you’re in grade school and you’re still drinking milk, telling your teacher to stop the lesson because it’s milk time.

10. Rice + Sabaw = Perfect Combination – the other food I’m talking about is rice with sabaw, particularly nilaga, tinola, and sometimes sinigang. You’d only eat rice with those or not eat at all. Then again there’s always milk available right?

9. The Cutest Mannerisms and Habits – you have this habit of touching your ears before going to sleep, to make yourself fall asleep. While sleeping, you suck your fingers as if you’re doing a rock on sign (also when you’re hungry). If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, you’d ask me or your mom to kamot your back I guess to make you feel relaxed.

8. iPad Boy – oh man. we’ve had some, a lot, of arguments about your use of iPad. When you wake up, the first thing in your mind is iPad. You prefer that gadget more than playing outside with your friends. My my my… 

7. Dinosaurs, Snakes, Sharks, Vampires – some of favorite things to watch on iPad. You’d request for me to type in any of these every single time, depending on your mood. I’d like for you to watch basketball but sure. Whatever floats your boat kiddo.

6. Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Bella, and Sofia The First – not bad I must say. We suspect that you have a “secret” crush on those ladies. You even occasionally tell us that they’re maganda. Good choice my son. good choice. =)

5. Tonio Bibo – your Mama would ask you to dance, sing, make faces, etc. and you would gladly oblige. You are one smart, happy, and loving baby. That’s even how our neighbors would describe you. I guess that milk makes wonders, and that rice + sabaw.. I love you so much my son.

4. Bucket full of “Bakit?” – and there’s the unending question of Bakit or Why. “Bakit ganun?” you’d ask 5 to 10 times. “Why is she sad?” while watching cartoons or movies. “Bakit s’ya tawa?”, “Bakit s’ya happy?”, and the conversation goes on with such. 

3. Sweetest Thing – you are the sweetest thing. I like it when you kiss me and your mama out of nowhere, while playing, before going to sleep, while watching, any given time. And the out of nowhere “I love you Tatay. So Much.” is still the best feeling in the world. I love you so much Antonio. We love you. I hope you stay as sweet when you’re older. Especially to your Mama.

2. Independence Boy – being born on Philippine Independence Day, I can see a lot of bravery in you. You’d try doing something even if we deem it scary for your kids age to try it. You’re not afraid of the dark or cockroach or thunder or scary movies. You’d sleep soundly by yourself while Tatay and Mama are in the office. Plus of course, you are our hero.  

1. Mama’s Boy – and yes, the best thing is you love your Mama. You have shown how much you care about her even at your young age. You make sure we’re watching what mama likes on TV. You think about and look for your mama every time. You’d kiss her, hug her, follow each and every thing she says. Keep it up my little man. Stay the same. Your Mama loves you more than anything in this world. We love you.

It has been three wonderful years and counting. I am looking forward to celebrating another thousand years and more.

Maligayang Kaarawan Antonio.

Nagmamahal ng lubos,

Tatay at Mama



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“I,  reanpogi, solemnly swear to hate the Los Angeles Lakers

To Despise the San Antonio Spurs

And to generally piss on every other team in the Western Conference.”

Mavs Fan For Life.

Let’s roll!!


MJ to Kobe, “Just Do It.”

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How to be great? Pattern your moves from the greatest.

You know what they say, Just Do It.

Antoniolabs Inc., Year 2

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What’s in a name?

Antonio \a-nto-nio, an-tonio\ is of Spanish and Italian origin. Derived from the Latin Antonius, an old Roman family name of unknown etymology. “Priceless” and “of inestimable worth” are popular folk definitions of the name.

Antoniolabs \a-nyo-nyo-lavs\ is of Makati City, Philippines origin. Derived from nowhere by his mom, it is our son’s nickname. Yes. You don’t have the right to argue. We just hope he won’t hate us for this. You know, 10, 15 years down the road and he’s a teenager already. Oh well.

To my best bud, happy birthday. Your smile, your laugh, your hugs and kisses are indeed priceless. Thank you Antonio and I love you. We love you very much.



Now, Show Us Again Kobe.

Nice Treat – it was a nice Friday treat to say the least. Good game. Air 21 came back from 21 points down to within 1 but just came short at the end. They gave a good fight. I think Coach Franz Pumaren can’t be too mad about the effort, at least during the latter part of the game. Looks like, the Express are really back in the game. End game result, TnT 86, Air 21 83.

Canaleta for Senator – okay, maybe not. but at least Coach Chot Reyes might want to consider him for the National Team. He has the height, the athleticism, can play multiple positions, and looks like he would thrive in the dribble & drive system (that’s what it’s called right? correct me if I’m wrong please). And it doesn’t hurt that he had experienced playing international ball.

Cool Cat – that nickname suits him well. From his college days until the pro, he has shown that skill wherein it feels like he’s always in control of his game. It must be the La Salle system huh? I’m glad him and coach Fran are back in each others arms. We’re hoping to see more of that, Mr. Cortez. Keep it up.

Little Piece of Heaven – talking about getting a nice treat, it’s really something when you see a competitive, exciting basketball game. Those games wherein the result comes down to the last possession. The kind of game that makes me stand up and hold my breath in anticipation of the last shot, miss or make. It’s a different kind of high.

courtesy of PBA Atin ‘To facebook page

Take It To The Next Level – GlobalPort now has 2 National players on their team – Gary David and Japeth Aguilar. No pressure but expectations are much higher this time around for this team to succeed. And they got former national players too in Sol Mercado and Rommel Adducul. Interesting indeed. Wishing them all the best, and of course the rest of the PBA.

Imported – Wow. Justin Williams and Renaldo Balkman? Really? I’d like to thank the PBA owners for their willingness to spend on quality players, former NBA players at that. I think it takes Philippine basketball to the next level. Keep it up, Billionaires!

Little Piece of Heaven – watching the PBA live (on TV) like it was 1999. I just dated myself huh? 🙂 Seeing the live game earlier took me back to my high school days. I like the feeling of getting excited again to watch basketball after a long day in school, thinking about nothing but basketball. It’s a nice feeling. And I like that the PBA is slowly becoming a habit for me again. Up next – watching it live in the Arena. Sending it to the universe.

Good Start – it was a nice game. A 2 point win by the Batang Piers. I hope this is a preview of things to come. Mabuhay ang Philippine Basketball.

Random Thoughts on the Players:

*Japeth Aguilar is playing a lot of minutes so far. I think this is what he needs. Let’s see how this will pan out. He’s playing a decent game thus far – 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists after three quarters. I hope he gets his act together. I really think he’s got a lot of potential. Update: he ended with 16pts, 9rebs, 3blks, player of the game. not bad eh? Most importantly, ended it with a win.

*Arwind Santos, you may be Philippine National Team snub but I think you’re still one of the bests. Just keep playing your game. I hope this will only motivate you more in playing harder and better.

*Justin Williams – I’m starting to like this guy. He seemed really passionate in helping out the team. It feels like he really care. He had 3 dunks already with 18 points before getting thrown out of the game due to inadvertent elbow. It doesn’t seem like he meant to hurt June Mar Fajardo to be fair with him. And he was so happy, getting back to the court after the game, hugging his teammates, carrying Sol Mercado like they’ve won the championship already! I think it’s good for the game, for the PBA, for the fans. Apir, Justin!

*Gary David looks like he’s back to his old form and that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to see him look at his hands again like they’re on fire! Keep ’em burning Gary D! Looking forward to a 50 point game this season, or more.

*Rommel Adducul is a Hall of Famer for sure. His game might have regressed in the recent years but the things he has done throughout his basketball career is something else. From being one of the most dominant big men in college to becoming the face of the defunct MBA to being a solid contributor in the PBA. Not mentioning his contributions in and out the playing court. We salute you, General.