I’m A Stalker.

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Urbandub

No, not really. I’m just a fan. and with these photos i hope i won’t get arrested any time soon.

I am a big fan of Urbandub and their music. There is nothing like it. From the the melody to the lyrics, to the members, to the roadies, they are just a bunch of awesome people. Or so I think? I don’t know them really, but just by looking at them, being in their gigs a couple of times, i must say that is a valid judgment, or say, assumption.

One major reason I liked the band was because of the band members, more particularly, Lalay. She is the kind of rock chic we’ve been all dreaming me of. Alright, just me perhaps and a couple of you folks. But really, she is the epitome of rock goddess. and next thing you know, you are a stalker like me or worse.

Enjoy the beauty of rock. Shots taken from their last gig in 2010 – Sonicboom Xmas Party in Saguijo.



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