Live Like We’re Dying

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Rean

Wow! I’m really touched with all the well wishers! Thanks to all of you. I really appreciate it. But what really happened? What was the diagnosis? Am I gonna die soon? What’s gonna happen next? Well, so it can be told, here goes…

I am the type of person who thinks a lot, and when I say a lot, it’s A LOT. I almost always worry about everything, especially with work. And yes, I’m a guilty workaholic and that’s an understatement.

The past few months, work load has started to pile up. I have been on my toes every freaking single day. But before anything else, let me set the record straight, alright, this is not me complaining or anything, I’m just saying. There. Going back, work load was like..I don’t know how to describe it. It was busy as EDSA on a Friday payday weekend. Or, as others would like to put it, It was busy as hell. Okay, EDSA reference would do. I think you get the picture.

Sleep and rest have been taken out of my vocabulary. Sleep was replaced by a 5,10,20-minute power nap here and there. Rest meanwhile has been substituted by energy drink and caffeine. I pushed myself to the limit since I was thinking holiday break is just around the corner and I’ll just make it up for it. But then again, during the holiday break, I was still thinking about the things that I need to get done. I even brought home some of the stuff that I told myself I’m gonna work on while on vacation. WHILE ON VACATION. That of course included some other stuff that I was thinking about, my life in general.

Then, it took the toll on me. I started having massive headache. Couple it with fatty foods – lechon and ham and all the sinful foods. A perfect ingredient for disaster, that I never saw coming. Mainly because I think I can manage and thought that I have been here, I have done this many times. I was wrong.

The next symptom was an unbearable pain in the neck that transcended to my jaw and head. I tried to sleep it over but after a couple hours of sleep, I still felt the pain, this time it included difficulty in breathing and intolerable chest pain. Again, I tried to shake it off by drinking water and getting some air, tried sleeping again, but nothing worked. I asked to be rushed to the hospital and next thing i know there were several hoses and weird looking strings attached to me. After a few test, medicines, and being relieved from the chest pain, they told me I have to be admitted as it showed ugly results on the test. (I failed it man, dang. hehe)

I was treated in the hospital. On the 3rd day, the doctors (yes, doctorsss) were telling me that I have to render some more days and stay at the hospital for further tests. They said it was a Coronary Artery Disease and that I should be put in the Intensive Care Unit. ICU man! Hell no. And that they were telling me medical terms that i don’t freaking understand. All I know is that it’s all about heart operation and sh*t. The kind of Bypass Operation, Angioplasty,and Mercy Killing. Alright, the last one was a joke. But, Are you serious?! No way, Jose. I thanked them for the concern and the care but told them that I’d rather go home. I still have parties to attend to. They had me sign the waiver and gave me back my freedom.

So, what’s next for me? Definitely not the heart operation nor angioplasty or what-not. Not that route. I’m taking some prescribed medications and the reminders from the doctors about my lifestyle. “Don’t think too much. Live a stress-free life. Take it easy.” they say. Alright, noted. I’m living it one day at a time and enjoying every moment. Because you know, this might be the last. That may sound cliche, that may be perceived as drama. Whatever. Again, before I go, THANK YOU. I enjoyed the ride \m/ keep on rocking.

Meanwhile, let me work on my reports, there are still deadlines to meet.


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