It’s Killeen Me, Day One

Posted: February 25, 2012 in It's Killeen Me

It’s been 2 months? I can’t exactly remember how long it has been since we were introduced about this project. The first thought was excitement, then confusion, then anger, then acceptance, then this. It’s been a roller coaster. Not complaining, just saying.

But yeah, here I am now, stuck in Ohana Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii, waiting for my flights to Killeen, Tx. Yep, connecting flights. I have two more. It’s all good. I get to experience the things that before were just seen in modules. I can remember telling customers that they need to do this, need to that. Now, I can add some power words in there and say, “based from my experience…”

What were the things I experienced today? A lot. In one day. two days depending on the time zones. I was trying to assess it earlier, and told myself that it’s one unique experience. Still looking for a word. I can’t stay it’s the best; ask me again later.

Definitely there are things that I learned today. And i want to share it for those who took time to read this. Travel reminder/observation for dummies:

5.) Not All Planes Are Created Equal – that 737? it’s one heck of a small plane; no leg room at all. before this, i was thinking, “ahhh, it’s a plane, not a bus. we should have no problem with the space.” i was wrong. i don’t think other people will fit in there. me, i got no problem. but looking at other pax, i don’t think they were cool about it. yeah. yeah. it is what it is. we arrived safely in Guam so we’re all cool.

4.) My Time Or Your Time? – it’s crazy. I was looking at my clock but the time at the airport says otherwise. i don’t know which one to follow, at first. But then, you have to follow local time at all times. Don’t get fooled by your watch.

3.) Listen To Your FAs – if the flight in Guam wasn’t delayed, i may have stayed in Guam today. and what played a part on that one was that I didn’t listen to what the FAs were saying while on board. if you do not have green card or not a US citizen, everytime you’re entering any American soil, you have got to fill out a certain form required by US immigration. Since I was just connecting in Guam, I thought I didn’t need to fill out one; the FAs were announcing it over and over and I didn’t listen, or did selective listening. Listen, ask, follow.

2.) Print-Out Of Your Itinerary – it is very important. We always tell this to our customers in booking a reservation but really it’s that important. They ask for it almost every time; every time you go to the counter, they’ll ask about your ticket and since we’re issuing an e-ticket, if you haven’t printed out the copy of the itinerary, there could be some delays. I was kinda surprised too. Just print it out. It’s for your convenience anyway.

1.) Wear Comfy Clothes – not the sleep clothes that you wear but something comfortable and uncomplicated. Coat and tie? nah, you can pass up on that. boots for your shoes? not advisable. good thing i didn’t wear my chucks because i would have gotten tired removing it then tie it up again and again. It’s part of the security procedures. it borders to being uncomfortable to awkward, but again, it is what it is. follow the rules. And if you’re travelling over long hours and several connections, you would want to be comfy right? right.

  1. Rei Jacinto Alcantara says:

    I enjoyed reading this! :))

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