Diary Of A Travel Expert, Part One

Posted: February 26, 2012 in APS, It's Killeen Me

Before you object with the title, let me just remind you that this is  my blog, I can call myself whatever I want =P

In TLS, we call ourselves Sales Travel Experts (because we are). We go through training and we learn all the things that we need to learn regarding the travel industry. I know there are still opportunities but I can confidently say that if you need a flight, hotel, car, or a combination of any of those, we got that covered for you. we are the best person to assist you with your travel needs.

With that, let me share to you the travel basics. This is TLS Foundation Training, Re-An style. Enjoy! Thank you for calling Orbitz.

*Be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight (90 minutes for domestic travel).

*Go to the counter, for checking in of bags and for the boarding pass. Make sure check with the airline prior to departure about baggage allowance.

*Once checked in, you need to go to immigration but not until you pay additional fees at the airport, such as terminal fee (not included on the airfare).

*”As per Transportation Security Administration requirements, I will need the name of the passengers as it exactly appears on the government issued photo ID, date of birth, and gender.” Security Check number one.

*Wait for the information about your flight – gates, time, etc.

*Before boarding, there’s Security Check number two. this time it’s more about your carry on. no liquids, sharp objects as much as possible. and your favorite part, frisking =P

*Board the plane. Always have your boarding pass ready and the passport.

*Look for your assigned seat, listen to FAs instructions, relax and enjoy the flight. Aloha!

Thank you calling Orbitz. Have a great day! rock and roll =P


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