Help Me Out, Universe.

Posted: February 26, 2012 in It's Killeen Me

I’m putting this out there. I will let the universe make it happen for me (please?).

I know I’m here for business but since I’m here already, might as well do what I can do right? here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish (outside of business) while I’m here. So help me God:

5.) See My Lovely Relatives In JAX – among all these, this is the most realistic. well, my return flight to MNL departs from JAX, so I will really have to go there. What I’m hoping and wishing to the Universe is spend more time with them while I’m here. Papa Bear’s birthday is on the 17th. i don’t think that’s too much to ask, eh?

4.) Visit As Many Starbucks Store As Possible – now let me see, I’m at Starbucks HNL now, not a bad start right? 1 down, 99 more to go =) by the end of this, I’m thinking I’d be able to visit at least… 10 stores? (more please) what’s your guess? exact guess will merit a Starbucks tumbler of his/her choice 😉

3.) Visit Pike Place Market – and yes, this got to be one of the stores. hay… please, universe…

2.) Spend A Day in New York and/or Las Vegas – long shot, but who knows right? I’m accepting any donations; it’s for a good cause =P

1.) Watch An NBA Game, Live – I’ve been a fan ever since. now this is my chance. Dallas versus Cleveland? I’ll take it. Dallas versus Miami? why not, right?  I will start looking for tickets now. Dirk for the win… yeheees!!! =D

They say, if you want it, own it. This is me getting ready to go to all those on the list. I believe.


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