It’s Killeen Me, Day Two

Posted: February 27, 2012 in It's Killeen Me

Took My Sweet Time – that got me scared! I was enjoying too much of my sweet time at Starbucks HNL and didn’t notice that it’s almost 6pm! Almost didn’t make my flight! Good thing I got a lift from Mr. airport shuttle driver, which was appreciated.  You can say I enjoyed my time in HNL. Wasn’t the greatest but definitely not a bad one. Aloha, Honolulu! Until we meet again. Mahalo!

Create Your Own, HNL style

$25 Fee – yeah… I got charged with the baggage fee. It wasn’t my fault that the flight got delayed yesterday right? Baggage was supposed to be picked-up in IAH, but due to the delay in GUM, I had to pick it up in HNL. When I checked in for the HNL-IAH flight, the other lady from Continental/United told me, my bag is over the limit (50kg), she told me to remove some so I won’t be charged by $100. “Are you kidding me?” I told myself. Luckily, the first lady who checked my bag said, they’re gonna let it pass. But damn! $25 baggage fee is not right. Wait, that sounds familiar. I’m sounding like an Orbitz customer! =P

Oh United...

Bigger and Better – this 767 seems to be better in terms of size, cleanliness, and overall quality. Well, I’m writing this while on-board (no access to internet) and we just departed HNL. I have yet to see how the flight crews are different compared to the 2 previous flights that I had. From the previous 2, FAs were generally nice; I had free meals on board which I especially enjoyed. I’ll find out soon if this flight is better (I hope it is).

***oh no! there’s no free food just like the other flights =( and I’m hungry. The flight is 7 hours long. ***one of the FAs just asked who among the passengers have a medical license (doctor or nurse); someone raised his hand and then was told to go in front. I don’t know what it’s all about but it felt like it’s a scene from one of the movies…


100% Patient And Kind – that’s what Bambi said and I’m taking heed.  I just hope that this whole experience will only make me a better person than anything else. Thank you for those who have been wishing and praying for my safety, and success (right back at you).  Amen.

Ohana Hotels and Resorts, Mahalo– you know what, thinking about it, my stay at the Ohana was a good one.  Room was nice! I loved the free Internet access, the 2 queen beds, the bathroom. It could have worse you know – I’m travelling alone to a place I only visit online, I don’t know anybody, and the such. So I’d like to thank the universe for making this happen, for making me safe, for taking care of me. I am grateful. I just like to make sure the universe knows it. It can only get better from here on right? Sending it to the universe!


Why Keep The Old Starbucks Logo? – good thing I have enough time in between my travel. I almost got lost in IAH! The reason? I saw a Starbucks logo, followed that nice looking green and white light, and when I turned around I figured I just missed my way to my Terminal! The path that I was going was to Terminal C (mine is Terminal A). And here’s the crunch, it happened to me twice! There were 2 Starbucks stores I saw and couldn’t believe myself that I did the same thing after seeing the second  logo! Haha! I was laughing at myself after realizing that I could have missed my connection, because of Starbucks, if I didn’t have enough layover. I was like a kid getting distracted by a nice toy. Thinking about it, this experience is a good reason why Starbucks should keep the old logo – that Siren is downright effective. At least for my case.

I Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – man. Talk about big. This airport is humongous!  How big it is? Well, let me tell you this, they have their own train system from Terminal C (where I landed) to Terminal B then Terminal A (where my flight to GRK is boarding)! It’s like the LRT and MRT stations, only more space and not like the jam packed trains that we have; a train will bring you to the next Terminal and the next. It’s just a short trip in between terminals but still. I guess they’re right, everything is big in Texas.

I See Green – before I even made this trip and just after getting my US Visa application approved, some of my colleagues were making fun of my destination. They went like, “It’s like a forest.”  “All you’ll see is trees and landscapes.” Just before landing at IAH, I was looking at the window and was thinking they’re damn right. All I see is green, trees everywhere.  You know what? I’m loving it! I mean, it’s not like I didn’t grow up seeing trees around me every single day. Trees are good. It’s better than buildings and all that right? Well, I didn’t really have a problem with that. I feel like reciting that poem.

***battery ran out =(

Today is gonna be a good day. Repeat 10x


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