Random Thoughts #37

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Random Thoughts

Tim Tebow – God has a plan for you. this should not hinder your growth as a person and as a player. I’m not really a fan fan, but i heard a lot of great stories about you.  Please remember, the world you’re in, is still business – money rules that world. I still believe that you can play your best while touching lives in a positive way wherever you end up playing. Here’s wishing you all the best on your endeavor.

Whining – one of my pet peeves. really. but yeah,, maybe i’m like this that’s why i hate it! (see, i’m starting it..).  Hay… I just hope God will give me more patience to put up with these people. Yeah, maybe they were sent by God to test my patience because I have been asking for it. Hmmmm… God be with you, whiners! =P

Crazy Weather – one moment it’s raining here like crazy, then it’s quiet again, then thunderstorm! I know, sounds like a bad combination right? Even worse, sounds like…. a recipe for tornado! Yikes… It was even part of my dream! Crazy.. Waaaaah! There goes the thunder again!

Bottled Frappuccino – is my drug. it just makes me feel better in an instant. It’s just weird. Good weird. So, Howard Schultz, give him a raise. whoever thought of this magic bottle. All I know is Starbucks is not really going to carry it, well at least in the Philippines. Back home, i only see these in supermarket, not in Starbucks stores. Here, it’s everywhere including in-store. Nevertheless, i’m loving it! (ooops, wrong ad).

Little Piece Of Heaven – the connection we build from people. Even the smallest things, a smile from a stranger, a hello from an officemate, a nice conversation with someone who is not your friend and not really a stranger. I mean it’s just a good feeling. Positive vibes all over. With that, hello to you! Yep, you. Go ahead and pass it along. Have a good one.

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