It’s Killeen Me – Last Weekend

Posted: April 8, 2012 in It's Killeen Me, Random Thoughts

I had a wonderful time, Killeen. It was  a great experience. The people here are generally nice. I will for surely miss the southern hospitality; it did make me feel like I never left home. Again, from the bottom my hypothalamus, THANK YOU.

Hmmmm, let me see, how did I spend my weekends again here in Killeen? I can’t remember really. If you ask me, I mostly spent it in my room, sleeping, watching ESPN all weekend long, doing grocery, laundry, and then ESPN again. That’s basically how I spent my weekend here. Haha, I heard that! Who are you calling a loser?! Well then I’m a loser who enjoyed being a winner in my own right. Wow, did I just say that? Damn I’m a genius! That’s original okay; I have the rights on that quote. Is that how you call it? Like when someone says something really awesome and you quote him/her? Please put my name after using that loser quote that I metioned, alright? Please?

Going back to my weekend escapades, let me reminisce… My first weekend here, we went to Killeen Mall, very exciting thank you. Second weekend I think was when we had our TGIF dinner but that was about it; slept all Saturday and Sunday that weekend. Third one was I think when they went to Austin and I stayed in my room all weekend. Fourth one was when we watched a movie? Fifth, was when we were looking for a Karaoke place and ended up dinning instead. Sixth, was the Karaoke night. And then this weekend. How am I spending it? Well, stuck in my room again, no surprise there, still battling my shoulder pain. I guess all the stresses is taking a toll or perhaps it’s because it’s holy week and God has reminded me of all my sins; like carrying a cross and asking me to repent. Right now, as I type in my thoughts away, I’m listening to Incubus’ music which kind of summarizes my Killeen trip:

“remind me that we’ll always have each other when everything else is gone.”

“but I need you to know that I care and I miss you”

“pardon me while I burst into flames”

“i wish you were here…”

 Yep, i heard you again. Sucks to be me right? F*ck you! I think one of these days, wordpress will ban from using this blog site.

So, let me enjoy my last weekend here. There’s Bulls versus Knicks playing on ABC. My laundry waiting for me. I have no more food to eat and it’s time to do grocery again in a bit. Training syllabus needs to be updated. Killeen, thank you for making my stay here a memorable one. I think we kind of jive together. And here’s to our friendship, “goodbye. nice to know you.”

  1. michi says:

    i saw your link in fb, i have no idea that you also blog. =)

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