Tough Five – Other Keme

Posted: April 9, 2012 in It's Killeen Me

Be with my family, that’s a given of course. But what are the other things I’m looking forward to be doing after I arrived back? Here are the top five on my list:

5.) Watch A Movie– The Avengers? Prolly. I just wanted to sit in that Powerplant Cinema chair again and enjoy watching a movie.

4.) Go To Rockwell – in line with the previous entry, i just wanted to set my foot again in what I call my comfort place.

3.) Get A Haircut– I’ll definitely get a mohawk. Raaaaar!

2.) Relax In A Spa– I badly want, and need a good milk bath and massage.

1.) Rock and roll in Saguijo– I’m gonna hunt you down Urbandub. I know there’s a schedule for you in guijo come May. I’ll see you soon.


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