NBA 2012 Playoffs…BIG.

Posted: April 22, 2012 in NBA

NBA Playoffs will start in a few days and oh boy am I excited! Right now as it stands, My Mavs is set to face OKC (yesterday it was the Lakers). Man, I don’t know what to expect about that. Last year’s series was great to say the least. Remember that comeback made by the Mavs? Whooooo… I admit this year’s Mavs is inferior compared to last year’s. Everybody’s gone but, we still have Dirk, JKidd, The Jet, Marion, and of course Coach Carlisle. We still fine. We just have to get things together. We are the defending champs after all.

And then there’s the other match-ups of course which I know won’t disappoint.


Bulls vs Sixers –  Chicago in 6. With an ailing D.Rose, I don’t think it’s going to be easy for the Bulls come playoff time. Regardless of the opponent. But they’re still the best team in the league right now. Yep, I said that. Look at their record. Better yet, look at their record without their captain! It won’t be that easy for them but with an excellent coach and players playing as a team? Teams will have a more difficult time playing them as to them having a hard time playing with a depleted line-up.

Heat vs KnicksMiami in 5. I like the Knicks don’t get me wrong but there’s no way they’re going past Miami, at least not this year (I don’t like Miami that either). Hmmmm… I wonder what will happen if Miami doesn’t get past the first round? I can only imagine heads rolling, not literally. This should be a good match-up. I know you’ll agree NYC is better compared to last year. I won’t be surprised if this goes the distance. Maybe not.

Pacers vs Magic Indiana in 5. darn Magic. Tough luck. Now Dwight is done for the season. And, Indiana is on a roll right now. They have exceeded expectations and I can see them matching-up really good against Miami or Chicago (they’ll face Miami most likely, if and when, the Heat make it pass the first round. I’m sure they will). I like Pacers’ chances more than anybody else in this year’s playoffs, at least on the first round.

Celtics vs HawksBoston in 5. I don’t know but is it just me or Atlanta really just seems to be the league’s most lackluster team? Yes they can compete, they can play ball, but something inside me is not buying Atlanta Hawks basketball. I’m not hating. Just not buying it. And couple that with the red-hot Celtics? They’d be lucky to win a game.


Spurs vs Jazz San Antonio in 4. I called it. The Spurs are just going to be too much for the young Jazz. I’m not going to elaborate on that one. However, I must say, San Antonio is lucky they’re not facing Memphis or even Denver. Not yet. But yeah, that’s a different story. For now, it’s our in-state rival through the first round. Texas, represent!

Thunder vs MavericksMy Mavs in 6. Not this year young guns. We are not the defending champs for nothing! And they still need some growing up to do. You can tell I’m being bias here (go create your own blog! =P). Six words – Mavs All The Way! Oh, was that just 4 words?

Lakers vs NuggetsLakeshow in 5. A well-rested Kobe Bryant? A now effective Gasol-Bynum combination? Not a chance. They can run up and down all they want but that’s just not going to work for the rejuvenated Lakers. I’m not a fan, but Denver still have some work to do.

Clippers vs GrizzliesMemphis in 6. Wit their playoff run last year, all the experience they got from that, and this being The Clips’ first playoff stint since…1910? Okay, that was exaggerated (it sure does feel like it). Memphis has the advantage. Six the most, and that is me being generous mainly because I want to know which one is going to be many – Blake’s dunks or Memphis’ take-downs on Blake? We’ll see. He should start signing up for a therapist or something. It’s going to be rough for him and his team.

Bring. It. On.


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