Random Thoughts #38

Posted: April 30, 2012 in NBA, Random Thoughts

Tough Luck

For the Bulls and especially to DRose. They said he’s done for the post-season. Well, maybe them Bulls can take comfort in the fact that they did very well without their superstar. I don’t have the exact numbers but they won a lot of games with the man being injured (18-9 if I’m not mistaken). Oh well. I know they’ll still fight and win a couple of games but the chances of winning it all is as slim as getting through traffic in EDSA during rush hour. Again, there’s a chance. What I like about Bulls basketball is that it’s not centered on one player; they don’t rely on just one or two superstars, so in times like this they’d very well know how to respond. I guess we’ll see. They won game 1 today.

Ditto For The Magic

Though it happened to them just before the playoffs. And they did respond well today by stealing game 1 from the Pacers. Well fought game. That’s Magic basketball for you – win and die from beyond the arc. Even the last possession was won from beyond the arc when Granger was called for travelling violation thanks to Big Baby’s defense. I never thought I’d say that. Game 2 for them is tomorrow and no, I’m that not too excited for them both.

On Their Toes

Why am I still feeling happy about the Mavs’ loss to the Thunders today?  Seriously. I’m that as sad as when they lose their playoff games as before. I think it’s because we’re supposed to get beaten out by the number 2 seed like we’re no defending champs. It’s because it should come to the last shot to beat us just like what happened today. We should be getting blown out since everyone thinks we’re mediocre and that we lost our championship touch. We had them on their heels. We were 12 second s away from stealing game 1 from everybody’s playoff darling this year. Yes, we came up short today, but damn, we almost got that one. Mavs all the way.

That’s Expected

Or is it? Getting dumped by Miami Heat by what? 23 points? So I thought this year’s version of the Knicks are far better than what we had last year. What happened there? They were definitely got burned but that scorching Heat! I was expecting a more competitive game. Of all the series except for the Mavs versus Thunders’,  this is the one that I am excited about – James and Wade versus Melo and Amar’e; Ty Chan’s defensive prowess, the run and gun style of both teams, and so on and so forth. I guess we’ll have to wait for game 2.

Little Piece Of Heaven

Getting thanked by one of your students because finally they’re moving up the ladder. He deserves it and he worked hard for it. But him telling me about the good news and thanking me for whatever help I did for him was special. I don’t know. It just gives a wonderful feeling that they appreciate what you did and whatever you have contributed for them. Again, your credit is good but thank you will do =)

Weird Sleeping Habit

Yep, that’s what I am having since arriving back home. I’ll always wake up at 4, 5 in the morning, and that is after sleeping like for 4 hours. And now I’m all awake, slept at 3 in the afternoon, up at around 11pm. It’s just crazy. Is this what they call jetlag?  I can’t say I’m hating it but it’s just weird. I guess I’m still adjusting to things. Whatever. I’m sleepy.

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