Random Thoughts #40

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Random Thoughts

Pinay Pride

Talking about the AI finalist, Jessica Sanchez. I am not really a fan of AI this year. I see it on tv and that’s it. I didn’t really get out of my way to watch it or follow it. I didn’t even know that there was a Filipina out there until my Aunt mentioned about it. And now she’s in the Final 2! Wow. I wish her all the best and I hope she wins it all. I am sending it to the universe. Mabuhay!


Looking like it. And I won’t mind seeing these two in the West Finals. They are the top 2 teams in their conference after all. Too bad for the Thunders if indeed they end up matching up with the Spurs because they’re not going to have home court advantage. I know they’re kicking their heads right now for relaxing too much during the latter part of the season. Oh well. It shouldn’t be that big of a problem. They’ll be aight, I guess. This going to be the real test for each team. I just hope nobody gets hurt, like go down with an injury because that’s gonna be a bummer. It should be an interesting match up. Game on.


Maybe. And that will depend on what happens in the next 2 days. Can Miami still bounce back? Probably. Most likely. This is not the end, yet, for them. They can still redeem themselves. As for the Celtics, they’ve been really testy with fate. One wrong move and they’re done. Where, in fact, they could have focused and finished off their opponents. No need to slack off and stop going with flow. Finish them right away! You might be surprise what the Sixers can do, if you aren’t yet. Boston versus Miami. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Stop playing.

Little Piece Of Heaven

Seeing my wordpress stats, and seeing it with so many views. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. It puts a smile on my face whenever I see that people do care about what’s going through my head. I know I’m not doing this for anybody, I just love doing it. But seeing people from other parts of the world check-out my blog? It’s a wonderful feeling. So everyone, please start sharing the love. Go subscribe! 🙂 thank you for your time.

Pet Peeve

I just find it annoying when somebody tears a page from my notebook. Aaaaargh! I know, it’s just one page, but can you not find another piece of paper?? I mean, there could at least one or two pieces out there right? And even there’s nothing around, don’t you please just start tearing a page or two on my darn notebook without asking if it’s okay or not (because it’s not). I’ll be glad to look for a piece for you if you’re too lazy to look for one. Leave my notebook alone! Okay, too much drama.

Tearing Up My Heart


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