TLS49: Ready To Rock And Roll

Posted: May 20, 2012 in APS

Tomorrow is gonna be a great day because… it’s our time to rock and roll! We still have a lot to discuss but come phone time, we are going to close as many sales and help as many customers.

Crazy Bunch

Of course, we’ll do this with the help of…

Our wonderful Mentors – Ron, Rafha, Kiko, Ferlie Anne, and May Ann,




Ferlie Anne

Our gorgeous Analysts – Ghing, Faye, Kath, and Elvie, and


Our awesome Trainer – Cons.


April, Aian, Chelle, Aps, Kat, Roy, Love Love, Preng, CherryLou, Carol, Lou Ann, Emman, Abby, Melodz, Geri, Carmz, Buje, Miel, Carl, Mai, and Cheriza, let’s do this! Rock.And.Roll. \m/

TLS 49 \m/

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