Mentors Who Rock

Posted: June 4, 2012 in APS

What can I say? They have been awesome. Let this post be a tribute to our hardworking and dedicated Mentors. I know you’ll be Leaders someday. I believe. I’m with you all the way.

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RON: certified rockista. He has several youtube hits, which I am a fan of. Check it out please.

MAY ANN: our most trusted mentor. She has been part of the program way back when.

FERLIE ANNE: Consistent A-Rater, a Peer Trainer, Peer QA… you name it. And, you should see her dance.

RAFHA: so proud of the rafha man. He’s come a long way, and not stopping. Keep it up, macho man!

KIKO: this is just the start. I can remember us talking about climbing up the ladder. This is it, Kiko.

Ron, May Ann, Ferlie Anne, Rafha, and Kiko,



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