Tough Five – TLS49 Moments

Posted: June 8, 2012 in APS, Tough Five

First off, congratulations. You did well, but just like what we always say, this doesn’t stop here, should not stop here. There’s a higher mountain to climb. I know you’re up for the challenge.

Second, I must say I had fun. Not only because of the theme days and the dance presentation, but mainly because of the real performance – the overall stats. We know. It wasn’t that sweeping, it was alright. We could have done better. And, we’ll do better.

Third, let me reminisce the good times we had throughout the training period. There were a lot! The prank we played on some of them (evil laugh), the debriefing moments, etc. It was fun. These are my top five TLS 49 moments…

 5. Invasion Days – QA, Ops, Management, WFM, Agents, Former Agent, IT, Maintenance… you name it. They were there with us at one point in time. Thanks for dropping by. Apir.

 4. Theme Days – NYC, Summer, Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Green… what’s next? Bring it.

 3. EB Day – our first eyeball. It was rock and roll after that.

First Day Funk

 2. Popsicle Day – wiiiiieeeeeeee! =D we take modules seriously. we take business key drivers seriously. we take metrics seriously. same goes for popsicles.

1. Graduation Day – it was a bittersweet day. I’m happy that they have finally made it but it is also sad because it has to end. oh well… congratulations team. keep on rocking \m/


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