Get. Set. Go.

Posted: June 17, 2012 in APS, It's Killeen Me
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Recently, I just celebrated my 5th year anniversary in Aegis Peoplesupport. I got a watch from the company as a gift. For me, it represents my journey. It is a reminder that every time spent was worthwhile. And for that I am grateful.

My Aegis journey was 5 years in the making. Well, five years and a half. I had to wait six months before I started training. Cliché as it may sound, it was worth the wait. As soon as I stepped in the training room, I knew I was in for a ride. From the New Hire Orientation Training (NHO) to the Client Specific Training (CST), I was having a blast. I would say mainly because I got everything that I needed to become successful at that time – the training materials, the guidance from my trainer, the help from my mentors from QA Team and Operations, and all the perks that came with it. I graduated from training, became one of the top performers in Operations, while having the time of my life.

After 2 years, I got promoted as a Training and Quality Admin Assistant. It was a dream-come-true for me at that time. Imagine yesterday, I was just one of those trainees listening intently to my trainers and now I am going to be working with them. Not only that, I know I have the best people to help me grow more as an Aegisite.  I wasn’t wrong.

After a year, I officially became part of the Training Team as a Trainer. TCP (Training Certification Program), several calibration sessions and refresher courses from Career and Development Team thereafter, I was ready for battle. We ran classes left and right, met people from all walks of life, and you know what? I was enjoying every single bit of it. It is because Aegis set me up for success. Although success as we know doesn’t mean there will be no struggles along the way. Let me tell you this, there was a lot! But with things like NHO, CST, and TCP, plus of course the people I work with, I was ready. I was ready to reach a new height and go places. That new height came in a form of a US Visa.

A couple of months back, we were sent to Killeen, Texas to help set-up an account. 8,000 miles away from Palawan Training Room in Aegis Peoplesupport Center, I was training our counterparts in Baylor Training Room in Aegis Killeen Site. I brought with me the values I got from the time I got hired as an e-rep. I made sure to share the best practices I learned while doing several reports for the Training and Quality team and while going through each training class as a Trainer. It was the highlight of my 5-year Aegis journey. It was a true testament to the Aegis Employee Value Preposition that when you GET in Aegis, you will be SET up for success, and will GO places. It may not happen after a year you get hired, might not be after half a decade of being employed, you might even wait for six more months, but it will happen. It may be in a form of a promotion, an incentive, or a trip to Pagudpud.

Now, I am back running classes again but this time with a different perspective – aside from honing future travel experts, I am committed to making sure that my co-Aegisites get to experience the Get Set Go; that when it’s their time to get the watch, they’ll have their own wonderful journey to share.

Someone asked me recently, “What made you stay in Aegis?” I immediately answered, it’s the people. It is the people I worked with, I am working with, and I’ll be working with. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I know it’s just getting started. Together with the watch, I will treasure and cherish this experience forever. On to my 10th year Aegis journey!


  1. iamrosesuma says:

    Great! As a newly hired employee, i am very much motivated and determined to succeed upon reading this… Great Job! :))

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