Windmill: Source of Energy, Source of Pride

Posted: June 19, 2012 in 101, APS, It's More Fun in the Philippines!
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I was most excited about finally seeing the Windmills when we visited Ilocos Norte. I am a fan. For me, it was kind of unreal.  The fact that they have thought of putting up something like this, with the goal of providing renewable energy. It’s amazing.

According to what I’ve heard, they have a total of 15 windmills in the area. Standing 230 ft tall, it supplies at least 25% of the energy of the province. Not bad right?

Until now and probably until who knows when, I am grateful for the experience. Again, I, we would like to thank the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte for the more than warm welcome. We’ll surely comeback for more.

If the windmills are a source of energy for the province, it’s a source of pride for me. Kudos to the team who thought of making this happen. I’m hoping we make this lasts and that it becomes an inspiration to the rest of the world to go green. Mabuhay!

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