Random Thoughts #42

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Antoniolabs, Random Thoughts
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World War 3

I hope I’m not adding fire to the already heated situation between Philippines and China. Sending of “patrol” ships in West Philippine Sea? US and Philippine “naval exercise”? US’ spy planes roaming around Scarborough? I don’t know but that sounds like testing the waters so to speak. Just like one of our Senators said, we are ready emotionally meaning we are going to not back down on war, but reality is we are far behind in terms of weapons which sadly is it’s all about. I hope this still can be settled in a peaceful way, say those leaders from China die right away due to illness or get struck by a lightning or fall from their chairs and die, right? Or perhaps their leaders and ours come into an agreement that is better for the Philippines, okay, for both countries. God be with us (and US be with us too, and UK, and Taiwan, and Singapore, Malaysia truly Asia). Amen.

Salaries For Bus Drivers

I’m for it. Or if them owners can afford, above minimum wage and then some. Like SSS, Insurance, Pag-Ibig, and the like. I really think that’s a good idea by the government. In that way, them bus drivers won’t have to kill each other for passengers, or kill everyone for passengers. You know how it works right? They have to go to and from their designated routes as many times as possible so they can earn more money; make everyone fit-in, like say 80 commuters into a 40-max capacity PUV; work 18 hours a day (and this isn’t exaggerating) just so they can maximize their day and earn as much. I mean, that ain’t fair. That’s why I think this is a great idea. The pessimist in me says that it’s almost impossible to get done, but I’m pessimist about me being pessimistic about this concern. Let’s do it. Let’s get this done, fast! Ooops… not too fast Mamang Driver.

Little Piece Of Heaven

Being in a place surrounded by books! It’s a high, well, it’s simply heaven. I’m still dreaming of a house, or a room in that house, full of books. Yep, my own library. I’m still fantasizing about lining up all the books and magazines that I have and have not read yet in a corner or perhaps in the middle of our study room or living room or wherever and reminisce about the stories of those books. It will happen. I believe. Universe, sending it your way.

9 out of 10 Babylabs!

Not bad right? That was my jeep statistics last week. To and from the office, I usually ride a cab but not anymore. I’m loving it actually, I guess. Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that I’m liking it maybe I’m really liking it. Whatever. I’m proud I was able to do it, nine times! This is for you Antonio! Tatay loves you. Tatay and Mama love you very much. I’m saving up for that 13K worth toy. Let’s buy it! =D

Head Ache

I’m having a lot lately. Could I be thinking too much again? Too much sleep lately? Could it be because of my cap? Man. I never used to having headaches. I have reached my quota for the month. I’m thinking it’s migraine but hoping it’s just a case of oversleeping (yep, that’s new on my vocabulary). I think my system is not used to having this too much rest haha. Maybe I need to back to my old ways again. I won’t sleep tonight! Okay, Maybe not tonight. Good night.

Heaven on Earth


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