Random Thoughts #43

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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Dark Secret #1

I must admit, I am liking the weather. I don’t know, maybe because it’s been a while since we experienced rain. Or maybe because I’m just getting old. Oh what the heck. I’ll just enjoy it. I used to tell people that I hate rain, this kind of weather, and here I am confessing to everyone that I finally give in. Bring the rain! (but not too much please. Thanks God).

Dark Secret #2

Another thing that I’m not fond of before is the morning shift. Man, I hated it before. Well, not so, compared to the entry above this, but I wasn’t just a fan. I have been in GY shift for the longest time and really loved it. Yeah, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I know I won’t be on the same shift long enough. It’s a good break for me. Please don’t share this to others (especially my Manager =P).

Dark Top Secret #3

It will have to wait. I’ll let you know soon. Oh, you wanna know now? Then decode it: !@$^&$#@@#$%^&(*&^%$#@! got the message? =P No, that wasn’t me cursing. If you’re able to decipher it, please keep it a secret. Ssssssshhhh…. =D (I think I am getting crazier by the day).

Little Piece Of Heaven

Seeing someone helping out someone else. You know you see someone randomly helping out someone on the street, in malls, in office, or wherever? It just feels nice. I feel like giving them a hug. (Ooops maybe not, that might scare them away. for sure) It feels nice that somehow some people still cares. With the way our world works these days, seeing a genuine act of kindness is sadly, a rarity. But we’re still here. You and me. We’ll make this world a better place. Group hug.

Fab Find: Cool Taste Mango Juice

I was craving for it lately and I’m glad to find one finally! And it tastes good too. I am surprised we kind of have less of this nowadays, the mango juice. All I see know is orange and pineapple. Is it too pricey? Are we having a shortage of mangoes? Oh well… Let me just enjoy my newly found addiction. Gulp!

It’s More Delicious in the Philippines!


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