The Dream Team

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Basketball, NBA
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2012 Olympics is just a couple of weeks away and there’s no better way to jump-in the bandwagon than to reminisce the good ol’ times. It’s about the best team ever assembled – the original Dream Team. There’s just no way any of the succeeding dream teams that were assembled are at par with the original one. And the bunch of players now are kind of “sissies”. ooops, I said it. Injuries here, excuses there. Whatever. Well, not all of them. I heard my man Kobe Bryant is still playing in spite of. I salute him for that. I hope the other players get inspired by the story of the original dream team. They played not for anything but pride and honor. The result? 8 wins 0 loss, with a winning margin of 43 a game. Top that. That only happens in dreams.


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