Random Thoughts #44

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Basketball, NBA, Random Thoughts
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NBA Crazy

It’s funny. Every time I check my most favorite basketball websites, I always expect that there will be something new – new free agent signings, trades, any news. I think it’s really like that especially that there are no real basketball that’s happening. I know it won’t be long. There’s the Summer League this month, the Olympics next month, the Pre-Season games, then the new Season! =)

Being In The Lone Star State

All of a sudden, nobody wants to play for my Mavericks?? Terry’s gone to the Celtics, JKidd to the Knicks, Deron opted to stay with the Nets, that Dwight trade doesn’t seem feasible, Steve Nash chose the Lakers, and even Jeremy Lin seems to be headed somewhere else (probably the other Texas team which is the Rockets). The lone star left for our team is Dirk. Oh well…

Little Piece Of Heaven

Having my phone and the headset. Won’t leave the house without these. It makes the travel easier, workload much lighter, somehow, and the day even brighter. I know it’s such a small thing but it really makes a difference. For me it’s the equivalent of comfort food. I know you know what I mean.

The Arena

Wow. They built a new arena in Mall of Asia? Pretty cool I must say. Seeing it for the first time on TV, it looks alright. I mean it’s not like it’s so extraordinary you know. But it’s a good thing. Now we just won’t have to settle with Smart Araneta Coliseum in terms of staging a big event, like concerts, basketball games, and the like. Good move, Tito Henry 🙂 But I know Tita, err, Auntie Uncle Manny V has something cooking. He won’t be outdone. I think he might just buy the whole Philippines, soon. =P

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