Killer Couple

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Re-An's Family, Re-An's Friends

“Bang! You’re the Killer!” They said it all started with this. It started with a game of Killers, wherein, if my memory serves me right, it ends with the other player doing a consequence or a dare. The dare for Jake? You guessed it right, a kiss for Sheila. They were merely friends back then (or so we thought) and after the famous Killer Kiss, was a colourful 7 year relationship, this time being a couple.

I guess they started off right, or at least it’s a good start for them. They started their relationship having fun, playing one of our favourite games and then connecting with each other, bonded, nurtured their relationship with love. And, we’re wishing and hoping for the love and fun to continue for both of them together, forever.

To my brother from another mother, Diko, and to one of my closest friends, classmate, kapitbahay, katelebabad, Sheila, all the bests for the both of you.

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Somebody told me that when you pray you should claim it. So, I’m claiming it for the Killer Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Ferolin – And they lived happily ever after. Amen.


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