Tough Five – Tagay Pa!

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Music Is Life \m/, Tough Five
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The long awaited second session is right on it’s way. I know. Long overdue. So while we’re waiting, let us reminisce the first session that paved way for them to do another round. Below are the top five songs in the first Inuman Session. Tagay pa!

5.) Inuman Na – well we have to start with the theme song of all this of course. I think the idea really came from this song, with different personalities making a cameo on the original music video, including our idol – Yosi Kadiri.

4.) Buloy – the song that started it all. This made them officially a cult in Philippine music scene.”Hoy Buloy! nasaan ka man, siguradong kawawa ka, malamang walang alak dyan.” Very sad story… no beer?? Damn…

3.)¬†Kaleidoscope World w/ Francis M – just like what they mentioned during the session, they can’t not sing this. It’s one of those songs that made Francis M, Francis M, you know? It’s kinda like the Buloy of his career. Ooops sorry. It’s the other way around, Kaleidoscope World is PNE’s Buloy. That’s more politically correct. I know even Chito would agree.

2.) Okatokat w/ Jay – I didn’t know Jay back then. Well, I don’t know him personally; he was kind of an unknown personality back then until this gig. This is the first time I saw him and heard him sing and man he did good. I think somehow this gig helped launch their career. Thanks to PNE, Andrew E., and a couple of bottles of pale pilsen. Toast to that!

1.) Yes Yes Show w/ Francis M. – the best showdown of all showdowns. Hands down. (Aaaaah, witty :-P). Well what can I say about this part? This summarizes it all – energy, good great music, awesome personalities, creativity, beer, pulutan… All mixed together for a good, clean fun. Ummm… okay, I’m not sure about the latter. It’s OPM at its best. Thank you Francis M for the wonderful memories. Here’s to you…. Tagay pa!


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