The Captive

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Movies
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I was watching the interview on the director of this film and I thought his works are interesting. Especially this new one – The Captive.

This was based from the story of the Dos Palmas Resort abduction way back 2001, when Abu Sayaf kidnapped several people including 2 tourists, the Burnhams. It was the time when there were several kidnappings going on, left and right, in Mindanao that really plagued the Erap administration and further tarnished our country’s reputation.

I was really hooked on the book made by Gracia Burnham. It’s as if you’re there while things were happening. I also learned a lot about the then administration, on how they communicated with the rebels and how the rebels did what they were doing. It exposed a lot of things that we hear from radio and on the news but can’t be confirmed or was not being confirmed by the government.

And with that, I will definitely watch this movie. Mabuhay and Pelikulang Pilipino.


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