Random Thoughts #47 – Pinas vs Taiwan

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Basketball, Random Thoughts
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*This post should have been posted yesterday however due to unforeseen reasons, wasn’t able to. Anyway…

Nice Defense – consecutive shot clock violations by the Taiwanese, a turn-over, missed shot because it was contested, those are the only few good things we were doing during the first half against the opponent. It is halftime break right now and I’m hoping it would continue throughout the rest of the game and hopefully it carries on towards the next which is going to be a very important game and test for the squad.

Jeff Chan – he’s the man for the Nationals right now. His shooting is really a big weapon for us and with the looks of it, he’ll only get better. I even saw a step-back 3 from him and it was all net! Aside from Marcus Douthit and Ranidel de Ocampo, he’s the other player who’s been effective thus far.

Officiating – I must say the refs have been doing a good job officiating the game. They’ve been consistent with their calls. There are still a few minor misses, like a travelling no-call on Gary David, which were not complaining about 🙂 So far so good.

Gold – when was the last time we won this tournament all the way? Right now, I’d say we have the biggest of chances. We’re currently on top of the standings and if we win this game we’ll have a 1.5 games advantage over the next seed. (We’re now behind by 5 in the 3rd Quarter after being up by 8 at the half)… Final Score: 76-72, Philippines! 🙂

Little Piece of Heaven – winning! Especially the way we won this game, the grind-it-out kind of way win. I was ecstatic about it but I had to hold back a little as there are people sleeping already (Antonio is sleeping soundly already. Sssshhh…) It’s such a great feeling.

Anti-Epal Law – MVP should be covered by this. Just kidding. He has been very supportive, even getting out of his way to make sure that the program we have is geared towards success. Mad props to you Mr. MVP! You the man!


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