Tough Five – UAAP 2012 Buzzer Beaters

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Basketball, Tough Five
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One was counted.

The other one was waived off (good call. well, an easy call to make).

One was counted, then waived off, then counted again. And now, it’s up for a replay.

The last two just shows a lot of heart from the same player, winning consecutive games for his team. Too bad they’re already out of contention. Nevertheles, it’s worthy of the Top Five UAAP 2012 Basketball Game Winners (and almost game winners).

5.) DLSU Archer LA Revilla’s almost beating the buzzer and the Growling Tigers. Ouch. Oh, they lost the game in overtime by the way. (another ouch).

4.) DLSU Archer Jeron Teng’s payback. This time he made sure it counted and it did (Yey! Oooops). More importantly, it came against one of this season’s top teams and that it made their case for a surprising run for the Final Four. (We can do it! Animo!)

3.) FEU Tamaraw RR Garcia’s game winner gone game replay. The UAAP Board overturned UAAP commisioner’s decision to give the Tamaraws the win. I concur.

2.) UE Warrior Chris Javier beating the defending champs with his game winning shot (0.4 left on the clock). It ranked number 2 on my list mainly because just before this game, he just sank his first ever three point shot together with the whole UP Maroon squad. Talk about heart! (I can hear him screaming: “Say what haters?!”).

1.) UE Warrior Chris Javier’s prelude to a another game winning performance (well, at least the last few seconds of the game). Oh! Do I hear fans shouting Clutch Javier for President? Patent pending.


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