The Boat is Sinking

Posted: September 25, 2012 in APS

Everyone seems to be jumping out of this ship. Could it really be on its way to the abyss? Or somebody is just spreading some rumours about its true state? Whatever it is, I am here to stay. Let me rephrase that, I am here to stay for as long as I can (stay). I think that’s more apt. When I say for as long as, that could mean as long as until next week, next month, next year. Somehow this thing we’re calling positivity is keeping the boat afloat. How much do we have of it left? I don’t know. Nothing much that’s all I can say.

I am not gonna delve into the things why and when the “rumor” has started to put small little holes on this ship. That’s not gonna help. Well I think somehow it is going to but that’s a different story. I guess that’s the price that you pay when your ship gets so big. You tend to overlook those little holes and the next thing you know, it’s this. It has become a big hole that the only thing that’s going to salvage it is a different captain with different strategies and different crew members. Who’s willing to be the new captain of this stinking sinking ship? Good luck in finding one.

The boat is sinking. Group yourselves into 1.

So is jumping out of this ship the best way to go? Should have I taken the heed from previous passengers who jumped ship long ago? Could they really have foreseen this happening? Or, am I really just being negative about the situation? Positivity is one thing; being realistic is another. And as time goes by, the latter has worked for me.

Being in voyage with the same boat for more than 5 years has given me great memories that should and will last a lifetime. And for that I am grateful. However, I would just like to remind my captain that I have a family to take care of too and no matter how hard I try to keep this boat afloat, I can only do so much. I hope that little piece of positivity we have could save everyone on board. I hope the captain who’s managing all these will find the right coordinates that are not only good for him and his crews but for all stakeholders involved. I hope that their vision of wowing their people and the customers are true to their hearts because if not, I can see this ship that we have loved and cared for so long getting drowned out of its sheer pride and frugality.

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