PBA, Atin ‘To!

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Basketball, It's More Fun in the Philippines!, PBA
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Wow. I must say, they must be doing a good job. I mean the people running the business right now. To the commissioner and his team, keep it up. I know, we know, it’s only about to get better. I didn’t think I’d even post things about PBA. A few years back, it felt like it was about to fold. But I’m just as glad to still watch the games, hear the latest news, read articles about our very own league.

Definitely there are a lot of rooms for improvement but nevertheless, I must say they’re getting better. I wouldn’t want to elaborate on the opportunities that the league has because I know they know those things already. You know what? Might as well mention some here on this post. Let me give this disclaimer now, I am not hating, just saying. Who knows, one of them big bosses is reading this blog (why not. you may click follow then).

With the disclaimer noted let me go straight to one opportunity and that is the PBA keeping up with technology. Again, they are doing alright but they can definitely do better. Updating the PBA website and updating it real-time. Here’s a scenario, I am on the road or at home about 11pm and I want to know who won in today’s games. Now if you are PBA, you don’t want your fans to still have it searched on google and hope that someone mention it online, like “Batang Pier won today against _ _ _ (fill in the blank with your most hated PBA Team)”. You would want your fans to type in www.pba.ph right away to look for the latest news. I mean I’m no expert or tech savvy but I don’t think it’s that complicated to post it on your own website after say 1 or 2 hours right? You may have facebook accounts but it is still different if you have your own means to corner that fans’ attention on your website.

Just one opportunity for now. And you can call that a PBA fan whining about little things. Let us focus more on the good things. The AKTV partnership, the reach-out programs, “extra-curricular” activities like the Smart Gilas 2.0 exposure, players getting more involved in promoting the game and PBA itself just to name a few. Keep it up.

The expectation on the upcoming season is as high as it’s ever been. Here’s hoping that the cards will all fall right for PBA. That the universe will help this league become more successful than ever before. After all, we are Asia’s first. Something to be proud of. And that the PBA is one of Philippines’ pride. PBA, Atin ‘to! 

  1. Jessamine De Perio says:

    nice writing job rean, keep it up! 🙂

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