No Effort is Wasted

Posted: September 28, 2012 in The World According To, Things I Learned Today

“Take a block of ice that’s been frozen to minus fifty degrees centigrade, and start heating it. For some time, nothing happens. Lots of energy for no visible result. Suddenly, at zero, it melts. Water!

Keep heating. Again, lots of energy and no excitement. Then, at around one hundred degrees centigrade, bubbles and steam! It boils!

The principle? It’s possible to put lots of energy into something – eg. a lock of ice, a project, a career- yet it seems like nothing is happening. Actually, your energy is already producing change, but you just can’t see it. Continue to put energy in and you will surely see a transformation. Remember the principle, and you don’t panic so much – and you don’t despair.

Every time I make any effort – tidy my desk, write a book, help a friend, practice drawing, pay a bill, try and fail – I’m scoring points. I think of all my efforts as adding to my “universal credits”. I never know how many points I’ll need for my next reward. It helps me enjoy what I’m doing rather than demand instant results.”

– Andrew Matthews, Follow Your Heart

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