Tough Five – #NBArank

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Basketball, NBA
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 I was going through ESPN’s 2012 NBA Players Rankings and kind of disagree with some of the names on specific ranking. And with that, here’s my own version of the Top Five 2012 NBA Player Rankings based on… ummm… my own opinion. (makes sense right?)

5th.) Derrick Rose – he could have been higher on my list if not only for the dumb injury he suffered during some meaningless minutes during the Playoffs. But he’s what, 23? and won an MVP already. I think he’s about to get better. The arguably best player ever had the same injury during around the same stage of his career and you know what happened. He came back even stronger and better and laughed his way to stardom to the tune of 6 championships only. We just hope that history will repeat itself. Let me rephrase. That history repeats itself after the next player on this list retires.

4th.) Dirk Nowitzki – it pains me to see how ESPN ranked him outside the top ten. But it’s all good I guess. Less pressure and he may end up overachieving next season. And I know he would. Hopefully the so-so performance last year was really due to the effin’ lockout and not because…. oh no I can’t say it. He is still the man.

3rd.) Kobe Bryant – he might slowed down a little bit but I think he’s still the same Black Mamba that I loved to hate. He can still dominate and that “killer instinct” hasn’t been removed out of his system. Because honestly, name me other players who you would love to hate having the ball against your team during the dying seconds of a very close game? Not even the next 2 players on the list.

2nd.) Kevin Durant – he has all the right excuses to extinguish each and every opponent next season. Not getting that ring and seeing the next guy on this list get another ring (well, a gold medal) and MVP award on the same year sounds like a really nice plot for revenge. And I hope he sees it that way, use those things as his motivations and never let up.

1st.) LeBron James – he isn’t called King James for nothing. He is still the king of the basketball world even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it especially when I playback those memories I have watching him play against My Mavs (ooops). He’s the MVP prototype. We kind of saw this coming and I’m just glad he is living up to the expectations. Ten, twenty years down the road, we will all be watching a hundred legend tributes dedicated to LBJ. I think he has that potential to be this generation’s MJ.

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