Bench Decorum – come on team, you know better. I like the way you’re trying to improve the game and such but I think this is a little too much. You take away the excitement and you make the players and coaching staff hold back. I understand that you’re thinking of things like it might help escalate an altercation on the court into something else if players are standing there on the bench and all but it’s not like it has happened one too many times in any of your games. Again, I understand. I just see more disadvantages than benefits from this rule. Well, what do I know right? I haven’t seen the full details of the rule I must admit; just sharing my two cents.

Bunch of Flop – and in another basketball development, NBA is now going to start penalizing players who flop. I like David Stern’s response to my man Dirk’s comment and said that he’d like to see more of their basketball skills rather than their acting skills. Good. Now the question is, how do you clearly define flopping? Do you give the benefit of the doubt that the player wasn’t really acting and it was a good defense during the game, and then when you review the game afterwards you come back at the player and say, “hey you! you’re suspended next game for being such a good actor!”? The ever wise man Mark Cuban explained it best here.

Little Piece of Heaven – Getting a haircut. Kind of got addicted to it, if that’s even possible. It’s relaxing. It’s like getting a massage for me. And, it doesn’t hurt that it leads to another piece of heaven, which is seeing a very handsome man in front of the mirror every time I look at it. I see you nodding. =)

Welcome Back, Penny! – I wish as a basketball player (or maybe not) but instead as a minority owner of his hometown Memphis. I’ll take that any day. Him getting involved in basketball is always a good thing. I guess I will have to add the Grizz on my list of favorite teams. Penny from heaven.

Need For Sheed – another player we would like to welcome back to the basketball world is Rasheed Wallace, as a player for the Knicks. I’m not sure if that’s the best place for him and his talent, same goes for the Knicks, but I think he still have something left in the tank. How much? That we will have to see this upcoming season. Whatever the situation is, I wish ‘Sheed all the best. Go get more of those technical fouls! =)

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    I miss Sheed :).

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