Random Thoughts #50 – Red Mug Session

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Music Is Life \m/, OPM, Random Thoughts, Urbandub, What's Playing?
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Random thoughts on Nescafe’s Red Mug Session featuring URBANDUB.

Nescafe, You Rock! – first of all, thank you Nescafe for not only featuring Urbandub but mainly for believing on Filipino talents, for supporting great Pinoy bands and their music, and for going out of your way so to speak. You just earned my respect and I know a lot more people out there. Please keep it up. Mabuhay kayo, Nescafe!

Lalay, The Sales Expert – I kinda recognize that store, I know I’ve been there once to buy not a shirt but a ticket for their then concert in Music Museum (that was the best by the way). A friend told me that Lalay sometimes go there to act as the Sales Lady, the Manager, whatnot. Too bad I didn’t get to see her. But just like she said, she’s there at least twice or thrice a week, so, I’ll see her soon 😉

Jan Jan, The Skater Boy – it’s nice to know that he isn’t one of those posers, you know, those people dressing up like they know how to skate but really not? Not him. Kudos to you sir. Keep on drumming, keep on rocking, keep on skating, keep on inspiring people.

Gab, The Wrestler – I’m not surprise to say the least, to see him doing things like jujitzu (did I spell that right?). And he got jokes too. Really talented man. I remember him kicking a fan one time during a gig because that stupid fanatic went up the stage and grab the mic from Gabby. He got a taste of Gab’s go to move – the singing side kick. Hayaaaah!

John, The Painter –  I’m one of the millions who’s glad that you quit the job for the band. The talent that you have is so amazing, you gotta share it. And thanks for doing just that, John The Painter. I’d like to see one of his works though, one of his masterpieces. Next stop for me: Freedom Bar.

Little Piece of Heaven – singing my lungs out to the tune of any of their songs. It is liberating. For me at least. I know people wouldn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to hear it. Wifey recorded my own session and man, I kicked some a$$! Not! Singing to Endless, A Silent Whisper with my headset on and caring about nothing else is such a heaven. Go ahead and do it! But please don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about the chaos you might create. I’m still alive so you should be fine 🙂

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 1)

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 2)

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 3)


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