NBA 2012-2013…. Let’s Get It On!

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Basketball, NBA
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The new NBA Season is upon us and I can’t wait! With it’s full schedule and the endless list of subplots, it can’t get any better tan this. This is drama at its best.

Here are the Top Ten Games to look forward to this upcoming NBA 2012-2013 Season. Let’s get it on!

10.) The Dwightmare Saga, LAL at ORL, March 12 – I know it’s one of those few games when Amway Center will be jam packed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight will fake an injury just so he won’t have to attend this game. I hope he does. It’s gonna be crazy out there.

9.) The Return of Steve Nash, LAL at PHX, January 30 – I know Mr.MVP won’t be receiving the same treatment as Mr.DPOY when he finally sets foot on his previous home court. There’s gonna love in the air.

8.) No Harden Feelings, HOU at OKC, November 28 – we don’t have to wait that long to see how James Harden would respond to him getting traded away by his former team. Is this the time we see the firs 50 point game of the season?

7.) Finals Rematch, MIA at OKC, December 25 – what’s a better Christmas gift than seeing these two teams get it on for the first time again since June? Oh, I see. More games on Christmas day you said? oh well. But this should be the highlight of that day (aside from what we’re going to get from our Ninong and Ninang of course).

6.) Happy Holi-games, X’mas Day Games, December 25 – just like what we mentioned, this should make the day extra special. I’m glad they’re not taking a day off for this day (me, as an NBA fan, being selfish). Celtics vs. Nets, Knicks vs. Lakers, Heat vs. Thunder, Rockets vs. Bulls, and Nuggets vs. Clippers. Ho ho ho…

5.) The Battle of NYC , BRN vs NYK, November 1 – not sure if the first game will push through mainly because of frankenstorm sandy (boooo…). We wish that everyone will be safe and dry. But we have a few more dates to see who’s the real king of New York. We can wait.

4.) The Battle of LAX, LAC vs LAL, November 2, January 4, February 14, and April 7 – is Los Angeles really that big? Two teams playing in the same venue. So, who gets the home logo on the mentioned dates? I don’t know. Couldn’t care less really. I’m looking forward more on how many dunks will Pau Gasol get from Blake, DeAndre, and Ryan.

3.) Linsanity All Over Again, HOU at NYK, December 17 – I’m pretty sure, The Garden will go crazy on this date. They love this guy that much and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a lot of jeers (for the home team) and cheers (for Lin) on this game.

2.) A Traitor’s Return?, MIA at BOS, January 27 – with all of the drama surrounding his transfer to their bitter rival (better rival?), it’d be exciting to see how the faithful Celtics will respond to the arrival of their prodigal son.

1.) Starting the Season Right, Opening Day Games, October 30 – Miami getting their championship ring, the Heat battling the Celtics on the same day, Ray Allen getting a hard foul from Kevin Garnett on the same game, THE Eddy Curry getting the start for My Mavs, oh wait…

Let’s rock and roll! Here’s to a wonderful year years of basketball.

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