Why Do I Love Thee

Posted: October 30, 2012 in APS, Re-An's Friends, Tough Five

A lot of people are asking, “Why the hell are you still there??” Here are my top five answers:

5.) I love my Boss – how many of the people I know can say the same thing? Lucky me right? If not for her, I would have jumped out of this ship a loooooong time ago.

4.) I love my account – and again, how many people can say this? With all of its imperfection, I’d say it has been a great ride. Especially the people we work for? They are not the best but at least they have been very good in general. I’d like to say they’re better but I have no one to compare them to. Home grown baby!

3.) I love my co-workers – staying with the same account for more than 5 years has given me the privilege of working with the bests. And the connection I have made with them is just extraordinary.

2.) I love what I’m doing – I don’t like it, I loooooove it. The job may ask me to spend more hours than I’m supposed to but for most part, I ain’t complaining. #grateful

1.) I love being in my comfort zone – it’s the combination of all the things I have mentioned and then some. You might say staying in the comfort zone is a big hindrance to being more successful. Well, I’m not listening. And I’m willing to pretend being deaf and blind for as long as I can. Hey, that’s why it’s called love.


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