Random Thoughts #52 – Mavs vs. Lakers

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Basketball, NBA, Random Thoughts
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Random thoughts while watching the NBA opening game between the Hollywood Lakers versus my Dallas Mavericks.

The Future of Mavs – is definitely bright. And you can bet Jae Crowder is going to be part of that promising future. The rook looked like a veteran out there. Showed a glimpse of respectable defense, a couple of rebounds, a few jump shots, and throw in a legit three to cap it all off. I say legit because that stroke looked like he has that three shot really on his offensive arsenal. Steal of the draft. I hope he continues his progress and become a formidable player for the Mavs.

Happy With What I’m Seeing – right now, My Mavs is up by 13 points with less than 9 minutes remaining and so far so good.  My Mavs seemed to have jelled nicely during the off season. Just like with Crowder, I hope it continues and that we sustain it. I know it’s just one game, well, it’s just three quarters and a half. I shouldn’t be too happy with whatever’s happening, right? The season is long and again it’s just day one. Mavs all the way.

Little Piece of Heaven – seeing a live NBA game on TV.  Since they have decided to charge more for NBA TV, it has become a rarity for me at least to see a live game on free TV. I must say my thanks to Studio 23 for at least being considerate to the feelings of a poor handsome basketball fan to bring the last game of a triple header this opening day. Thank you.

$90M – no that’s not the income generated by the NBA today. not the salary of Eddy Curry ( I should be crucified for saying that). not whatever you think it is. 90 million dollars is the luxury tax that the Lakers will have to pay next year if and when they decide to sign Howard for a long term contract. You think that’s a whole lot of money? Not! compared to what they are going to earn/they are earning now and for the next 20 years (they just signed a TV contract worth $20 billion. not a typo. that’s really with a B). Rich gets richer.

Pressure’s On – for everyone on the Lakers not named Kobe Bryant. Dwight Howard (with the shadow of the great Laker centers hovering around his grave), Steve Nash (a little bit), Mike Brown (anything less than a Finals appearance would mean end of the road for the coach with a roster like this). It’s just one game. You have 81 more and then some to prove every doubter wrong including Mr. Mavericks and the awesome owner of this blog.

82 – 0 – so much for the Lakers getting a sweep of the regular season. not today. not this year. not against My Mavs. Now, Dallas has a chance to go 82 and 0. alright. it’s just one game. I heard you.

Dallas 99, Los Angeles 91.


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