Tough Five – How To Become an Expert

Posted: December 1, 2012 in APS, Re-An's Friends, Tough Five

How do you become a destination expert? Below are the top five ingredients:

5.) Expert’s Swag – if you ain’t confident, it ain’t gonna fly baby.

4.) Healthy Eating – Not! Munch on cheese curls if you must.

3.) Walking The Talk – the picture below says it all.

2.) Creativity –  is the key to…. a good drawing. 🙂

1.) Pride in What We Do – that’s why we’re number 1, always.

With all seriousness, I appreciate all the dedication, the stories, the participation, and all of the good craziness combined (if there’s such a thing. Well, only in Telesales right?). I am expecting the same effort, consistently, whatever the tasks may be. You weren’t selected for this program for nothing. THANK YOU, Experts.

Keep the fire burning. I love you Team!

Number 1.


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