Happy Independence Boy

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dearest Antonio,

Let me see, it is your birthday and I’m thinking of what to say to you on your special day. What picture to post. What poetic things to say. Well, this is the best I have come up with. Something you can reminisce when you’re all grown up. Something to read about how it was when you were three.

The Top 12 Things I Remember Most About Our Antoniolabs:

12. The Etymology of Kakak – it is pronounced as ka-kak. when you first saw a cockroach you weren’t afraid at all (and I could have never been any proud). You were fascinated. We told you what it’s called and the best thing you can muster is that – kakak. From then on we called every weird creature as that – from weird looking insects to ghosts to vampires to whatever. And that folks, is the history of the word kakak. Bow.

11. Milk and then some more milk – you know you’re three now and perhaps we can count how many times you have taken or eaten other food other milk. You drink milk in he morning, during snack, lunch, merienda, dinner, before going to sleep, while sleeping. It’s all milk. i wonder if you’d still be like that when you’re 7 or 8 and you’re in grade school and you’re still drinking milk, telling your teacher to stop the lesson because it’s milk time.

10. Rice + Sabaw = Perfect Combination – the other food I’m talking about is rice with sabaw, particularly nilaga, tinola, and sometimes sinigang. You’d only eat rice with those or not eat at all. Then again there’s always milk available right?

9. The Cutest Mannerisms and Habits – you have this habit of touching your ears before going to sleep, to make yourself fall asleep. While sleeping, you suck your fingers as if you’re doing a rock on sign (also when you’re hungry). If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, you’d ask me or your mom to kamot your back I guess to make you feel relaxed.

8. iPad Boy – oh man. we’ve had some, a lot, of arguments about your use of iPad. When you wake up, the first thing in your mind is iPad. You prefer that gadget more than playing outside with your friends. My my my… 

7. Dinosaurs, Snakes, Sharks, Vampires – some of favorite things to watch on iPad. You’d request for me to type in any of these every single time, depending on your mood. I’d like for you to watch basketball but sure. Whatever floats your boat kiddo.

6. Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Bella, and Sofia The First – not bad I must say. We suspect that you have a “secret” crush on those ladies. You even occasionally tell us that they’re maganda. Good choice my son. good choice. =)

5. Tonio Bibo – your Mama would ask you to dance, sing, make faces, etc. and you would gladly oblige. You are one smart, happy, and loving baby. That’s even how our neighbors would describe you. I guess that milk makes wonders, and that rice + sabaw.. I love you so much my son.

4. Bucket full of “Bakit?” – and there’s the unending question of Bakit or Why. “Bakit ganun?” you’d ask 5 to 10 times. “Why is she sad?” while watching cartoons or movies. “Bakit s’ya tawa?”, “Bakit s’ya happy?”, and the conversation goes on with such. 

3. Sweetest Thing – you are the sweetest thing. I like it when you kiss me and your mama out of nowhere, while playing, before going to sleep, while watching, any given time. And the out of nowhere “I love you Tatay. So Much.” is still the best feeling in the world. I love you so much Antonio. We love you. I hope you stay as sweet when you’re older. Especially to your Mama.

2. Independence Boy – being born on Philippine Independence Day, I can see a lot of bravery in you. You’d try doing something even if we deem it scary for your kids age to try it. You’re not afraid of the dark or cockroach or thunder or scary movies. You’d sleep soundly by yourself while Tatay and Mama are in the office. Plus of course, you are our hero.  

1. Mama’s Boy – and yes, the best thing is you love your Mama. You have shown how much you care about her even at your young age. You make sure we’re watching what mama likes on TV. You think about and look for your mama every time. You’d kiss her, hug her, follow each and every thing she says. Keep it up my little man. Stay the same. Your Mama loves you more than anything in this world. We love you.

It has been three wonderful years and counting. I am looking forward to celebrating another thousand years and more.

Maligayang Kaarawan Antonio.

Nagmamahal ng lubos,

Tatay at Mama


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