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How do you become a destination expert? Below are the top five ingredients:

5.) Expert’s Swag – if you ain’t confident, it ain’t gonna fly baby.

4.) Healthy Eating – Not! Munch on cheese curls if you must.

3.) Walking The Talk – the picture below says it all.

2.) Creativity –  is the key to…. a good drawing. 🙂

1.) Pride in What We Do – that’s why we’re number 1, always.

With all seriousness, I appreciate all the dedication, the stories, the participation, and all of the good craziness combined (if there’s such a thing. Well, only in Telesales right?). I am expecting the same effort, consistently, whatever the tasks may be. You weren’t selected for this program for nothing. THANK YOU, Experts.

Keep the fire burning. I love you Team!

Number 1.


PS, I Loved You.

Posted: November 14, 2012 in APS

PS, I Loved You. A Business Love Affair.

Love at first sight. He was walking all day, looking for a job. He went from north to south not finding any. Then suddenly he bumped into this lady. They chatted, he gave her his details – phone number, address, necessary personal information. He got her address and promised to visit her soon. He couldn’t wait, he visited her the next day, armed with nothing but confidence and hope that she’ll accept her. She let her in, chatted again this time for hours. He fell in love with what she has to offer and how beautiful she really is. She offered him great vision – a meaningful career and then some. She’s the best there is at that time and it seemed like he was really reaching for the moon. The chat ended. She said she’ll just contact him later.

One day. Two days. A week. Months have passed and there was nothing. He didn’t hear anything from her anymore. He was somehow crushed. He promised to go back and visit her again when the right time comes. then suddenly, an email! She’s asking him to pay her a visit and see if they could work out something. He went to her place right away and something clicked. They became a couple, March 19, 2007 is the official date.

Year One. They saw each other almost every single day. He had to choose a split rest day from work just so they won’t be gone from each other for that long. The first year together wasn’t easy but was surely a great ride. There were problems that came along but through the help of their friends, they were able to hurdle those challenges. The people around them played a very big role in their relationship. In fact, if it wasn’t for them they’d probably have broken up immediately. He was very thankful and cherished the friendship and the bond they created. Year one was rocky yet meaningful.

Year Two. A lot of experiences, good and bad, shared together, their relationship became even stronger. He has learned the ropes and was doing well at work. He felt like they needed to take their relationship to the next level. They talked about. And then opportunity came knocking down. He was introduced to her other friends, this time from Training and Quality and that only made their love for each other grow better. He was busy at work but was loving every single bit of it. they spent more time together, more than twice the number of scheduled hours during some occasions. But they didn’t mind. This is what was promised to him anyway during the first time he visited her a year ago. It’s all good and he knew it will only get better. It did.

Year Three. She made his dream come true, with the help of her Training and Quality friends, his responsibilities were taken up a notch. Again, this is what was promised to him. During their year together, she met a new friend, more of a business partner. He didn’t mind him that much as he wasn’t really doing anything that would affect their relationship. Or so he thought.

Year Four. Changes started happening. Suddenly, this business partner of hers started making some decisions for her. She assured him that nothing silly was going on and that he should trust her more than ever. That this partnership will only make it better for them just like what it did the past two, three years. He took her word for it. However, he wondered why most of his friends from Training and Quality started leaving one by one. He wondered about what was going on. He started hearing rumors about this business partner having a hand on those movements, of people leaving for someone else. He was confused and had a lot of questions in his mind. But again, he took her word for it. He stood by what she said though he had more questions than answers more than ever. He felt like there was something going on. His instinct was right.

Year Five. Still holding on. Never mind the changes happening all around the place. Even her was kind of different from the years passed. He felt like the vision that was laid out to him some years ago was starting to change. That the direction of her life, her priorities suddenly changed. He was right all along. He felt like he should’ve listened to his friends who started jumping out of the ship a year or two ago. She is a different person now. Not necessarily bad but just totally different. Her mission has changed, the culture is now far from what it was before. He can’t blame her. This could even be better for most of us. For most of them.

The Fallout. After almost six years of being together, it has come to an end. This had to happen. When views and beliefs of two people are no longer calibrated, sometimes, most of the times, it’s best to part ways. He learned a lot from her, she gained a lot from him. It was a love story that was a love story at the onset but as we all know some good things never last. It’s time to move on. The last time I talked to him was that his birthday gift to himself is a change of scenery. He will surely miss her, the old her.

He was looking for a job, he found love. It was heaven. He decided to leave before it becomes hell.

PS, I loved you.

Why Do I Love Thee

Posted: October 30, 2012 in APS, Re-An's Friends, Tough Five

A lot of people are asking, “Why the hell are you still there??” Here are my top five answers:

5.) I love my Boss – how many of the people I know can say the same thing? Lucky me right? If not for her, I would have jumped out of this ship a loooooong time ago.

4.) I love my account – and again, how many people can say this? With all of its imperfection, I’d say it has been a great ride. Especially the people we work for? They are not the best but at least they have been very good in general. I’d like to say they’re better but I have no one to compare them to. Home grown baby!

3.) I love my co-workers – staying with the same account for more than 5 years has given me the privilege of working with the bests. And the connection I have made with them is just extraordinary.

2.) I love what I’m doing – I don’t like it, I loooooove it. The job may ask me to spend more hours than I’m supposed to but for most part, I ain’t complaining. #grateful

1.) I love being in my comfort zone – it’s the combination of all the things I have mentioned and then some. You might say staying in the comfort zone is a big hindrance to being more successful. Well, I’m not listening. And I’m willing to pretend being deaf and blind for as long as I can. Hey, that’s why it’s called love.

The Boat is Sinking

Posted: September 25, 2012 in APS

Everyone seems to be jumping out of this ship. Could it really be on its way to the abyss? Or somebody is just spreading some rumours about its true state? Whatever it is, I am here to stay. Let me rephrase that, I am here to stay for as long as I can (stay). I think that’s more apt. When I say for as long as, that could mean as long as until next week, next month, next year. Somehow this thing we’re calling positivity is keeping the boat afloat. How much do we have of it left? I don’t know. Nothing much that’s all I can say.

I am not gonna delve into the things why and when the “rumor” has started to put small little holes on this ship. That’s not gonna help. Well I think somehow it is going to but that’s a different story. I guess that’s the price that you pay when your ship gets so big. You tend to overlook those little holes and the next thing you know, it’s this. It has become a big hole that the only thing that’s going to salvage it is a different captain with different strategies and different crew members. Who’s willing to be the new captain of this stinking sinking ship? Good luck in finding one.

The boat is sinking. Group yourselves into 1.

So is jumping out of this ship the best way to go? Should have I taken the heed from previous passengers who jumped ship long ago? Could they really have foreseen this happening? Or, am I really just being negative about the situation? Positivity is one thing; being realistic is another. And as time goes by, the latter has worked for me.

Being in voyage with the same boat for more than 5 years has given me great memories that should and will last a lifetime. And for that I am grateful. However, I would just like to remind my captain that I have a family to take care of too and no matter how hard I try to keep this boat afloat, I can only do so much. I hope that little piece of positivity we have could save everyone on board. I hope the captain who’s managing all these will find the right coordinates that are not only good for him and his crews but for all stakeholders involved. I hope that their vision of wowing their people and the customers are true to their hearts because if not, I can see this ship that we have loved and cared for so long getting drowned out of its sheer pride and frugality.

One Night Service Only

Posted: July 19, 2012 in APS
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It felt like it was back to the future.

One week ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the next wave of Service agents. It was a wonderful experience I must say.

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Thanks for the opportunity team.

Team AEGIS MNL, Number 1!

Most Likely – TLS 49

Posted: July 7, 2012 in APS

How are they doing after a month? Well…. not bad. Could have been better. Anyway…

Here’s a tribute to the class that did their best and I know are very much willing to learn more and become one of the leaders someday. Cheers, 49ers!

Most likely to become future QA Analysts

Future Top Performers

Future Heart-breakers

Future Trainers

Future Supervisors and Managers

Future CEO

The Different Colours of Number 1

Posted: June 21, 2012 in APS

One Team, One Goal. Number 1.