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Nice Treat – it was a nice Friday treat to say the least. Good game. Air 21 came back from 21 points down to within 1 but just came short at the end. They gave a good fight. I think Coach Franz Pumaren can’t be too mad about the effort, at least during the latter part of the game. Looks like, the Express are really back in the game. End game result, TnT 86, Air 21 83.

Canaleta for Senator – okay, maybe not. but at least Coach Chot Reyes might want to consider him for the National Team. He has the height, the athleticism, can play multiple positions, and looks like he would thrive in the dribble & drive system (that’s what it’s called right? correct me if I’m wrong please). And it doesn’t hurt that he had experienced playing international ball.

Cool Cat – that nickname suits him well. From his college days until the pro, he has shown that skill wherein it feels like he’s always in control of his game. It must be the La Salle system huh? I’m glad him and coach Fran are back in each others arms. We’re hoping to see more of that, Mr. Cortez. Keep it up.

Little Piece of Heaven – talking about getting a nice treat, it’s really something when you see a competitive, exciting basketball game. Those games wherein the result comes down to the last possession. The kind of game that makes me stand up and hold my breath in anticipation of the last shot, miss or make. It’s a different kind of high.

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Take It To The Next Level – GlobalPort now has 2 National players on their team – Gary David and Japeth Aguilar. No pressure but expectations are much higher this time around for this team to succeed. And they got former national players too in Sol Mercado and Rommel Adducul. Interesting indeed. Wishing them all the best, and of course the rest of the PBA.

Imported – Wow. Justin Williams and Renaldo Balkman? Really? I’d like to thank the PBA owners for their willingness to spend on quality players, former NBA players at that. I think it takes Philippine basketball to the next level. Keep it up, Billionaires!

Little Piece of Heaven – watching the PBA live (on TV) like it was 1999. I just dated myself huh? 🙂 Seeing the live game earlier took me back to my high school days. I like the feeling of getting excited again to watch basketball after a long day in school, thinking about nothing but basketball. It’s a nice feeling. And I like that the PBA is slowly becoming a habit for me again. Up next – watching it live in the Arena. Sending it to the universe.

Good Start – it was a nice game. A 2 point win by the Batang Piers. I hope this is a preview of things to come. Mabuhay ang Philippine Basketball.

Random Thoughts on the Players:

*Japeth Aguilar is playing a lot of minutes so far. I think this is what he needs. Let’s see how this will pan out. He’s playing a decent game thus far – 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists after three quarters. I hope he gets his act together. I really think he’s got a lot of potential. Update: he ended with 16pts, 9rebs, 3blks, player of the game. not bad eh? Most importantly, ended it with a win.

*Arwind Santos, you may be Philippine National Team snub but I think you’re still one of the bests. Just keep playing your game. I hope this will only motivate you more in playing harder and better.

*Justin Williams – I’m starting to like this guy. He seemed really passionate in helping out the team. It feels like he really care. He had 3 dunks already with 18 points before getting thrown out of the game due to inadvertent elbow. It doesn’t seem like he meant to hurt June Mar Fajardo to be fair with him. And he was so happy, getting back to the court after the game, hugging his teammates, carrying Sol Mercado like they’ve won the championship already! I think it’s good for the game, for the PBA, for the fans. Apir, Justin!

*Gary David looks like he’s back to his old form and that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to see him look at his hands again like they’re on fire! Keep ’em burning Gary D! Looking forward to a 50 point game this season, or more.

*Rommel Adducul is a Hall of Famer for sure. His game might have regressed in the recent years but the things he has done throughout his basketball career is something else. From being one of the most dominant big men in college to becoming the face of the defunct MBA to being a solid contributor in the PBA. Not mentioning his contributions in and out the playing court. We salute you, General.

Philippine Senators behaving badly.

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Team Pilipinas, Lesgow! – Talk about good news for the Philippines in general when we were awarded with the rights to host the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship . About time I must say. Now we gotta worry about assembling a formidable team and I’m glad to hear that all PBA teams are on board. Well, at least according to the press release. I guess I’ll believe it when I see the starting line up come August 1st. Oh sorry, positivity, right. On the flip side, we hope everything goes well in Lebanon and the neighboring countries. Peace on earth. Love balls, not guns. 🙂

Little Piece of Heaven – A clean and dry bathroom floor. Call it whatever but I find some happiness every time I set my bare foot on our very nice, clean, AND dry bathroom floor. Pissing has never been this good. Not pissed of at all 🙂 If I could only make the floor dry all the time.

Freak Show in 3, 2, 1… – the freak show also known as the election 2013 has officially started. It’s all good. At least it would create jobs and such for a few of our friends even on a short term basis. I just hope everything goes well, no more killing, hating, bitterness and all. Yeah, it’s like wishing for the moon right. But I know it will happen for us. I know it is happening already for  at least 1 or 2 or 10 islands on our beloved 7,107. Let’s all enjoy the show.

Taking Its Toll – travelling to and from work has never been this tall of an order for me. It drains the energy out of me, just seeing the traffic jam and all the cars and buses. Man. Oh well. I guess it’s all part of it. Not complaining, just saying. I guess I just have to enjoy the ride, eh? I know I’ll get used to it. So help me God.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Wow. I must say, they must be doing a good job. I mean the people running the business right now. To the commissioner and his team, keep it up. I know, we know, it’s only about to get better. I didn’t think I’d even post things about PBA. A few years back, it felt like it was about to fold. But I’m just as glad to still watch the games, hear the latest news, read articles about our very own league.

Definitely there are a lot of rooms for improvement but nevertheless, I must say they’re getting better. I wouldn’t want to elaborate on the opportunities that the league has because I know they know those things already. You know what? Might as well mention some here on this post. Let me give this disclaimer now, I am not hating, just saying. Who knows, one of them big bosses is reading this blog (why not. you may click follow then).

With the disclaimer noted let me go straight to one opportunity and that is the PBA keeping up with technology. Again, they are doing alright but they can definitely do better. Updating the PBA website and updating it real-time. Here’s a scenario, I am on the road or at home about 11pm and I want to know who won in today’s games. Now if you are PBA, you don’t want your fans to still have it searched on google and hope that someone mention it online, like “Batang Pier won today against _ _ _ (fill in the blank with your most hated PBA Team)”. You would want your fans to type in right away to look for the latest news. I mean I’m no expert or tech savvy but I don’t think it’s that complicated to post it on your own website after say 1 or 2 hours right? You may have facebook accounts but it is still different if you have your own means to corner that fans’ attention on your website.

Just one opportunity for now. And you can call that a PBA fan whining about little things. Let us focus more on the good things. The AKTV partnership, the reach-out programs, “extra-curricular” activities like the Smart Gilas 2.0 exposure, players getting more involved in promoting the game and PBA itself just to name a few. Keep it up.

The expectation on the upcoming season is as high as it’s ever been. Here’s hoping that the cards will all fall right for PBA. That the universe will help this league become more successful than ever before. After all, we are Asia’s first. Something to be proud of. And that the PBA is one of Philippines’ pride. PBA, Atin ‘to! 

Presidential Center

Paoay Church

Museo Ilocos Norte

Malacanang of the North


Sand Dunes

Light House

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Patapat Viaduct

Bangui Windmills

I was most excited about finally seeing the Windmills when we visited Ilocos Norte. I am a fan. For me, it was kind of unreal.  The fact that they have thought of putting up something like this, with the goal of providing renewable energy. It’s amazing.

According to what I’ve heard, they have a total of 15 windmills in the area. Standing 230 ft tall, it supplies at least 25% of the energy of the province. Not bad right?

Until now and probably until who knows when, I am grateful for the experience. Again, I, we would like to thank the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte for the more than warm welcome. We’ll surely comeback for more.

If the windmills are a source of energy for the province, it’s a source of pride for me. Kudos to the team who thought of making this happen. I’m hoping we make this lasts and that it becomes an inspiration to the rest of the world to go green. Mabuhay!

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