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Karma Police – so this is how it feels like when I was being difficult to my manager ha? Really, life has a way of getting back at you. I remember when I was giving my managers a hard time because I thought I know better and that their ideas suck. And even if i was correct about their ideas being bad or not favorable, I shouldn’t have given them the eye and the shoulder mixed with facial expressions and sarcasm. But to be fair with me, I wasn’t like that the whole time. I have come to a point where I learned to respect their views, sucky or not =P So, I should be getting the same result sooner or later right? Positivity! 🙂

Just A Phase  – I told myself lately, Man, I miss those people. I never thought I would. My former bosses, colleagues, my former station, being in class, etc. Yeah, I think I’m going through that phase. This shall pass. I guess I wasn’t prepared emotionally and that everything happened so fast I didn’t get to prepare for this. Oh well. It’s all good. This should help me appreciate the things I have right now and cherish the moment. Another life lesson from the universe.

He’s The norMAN! – what a way to announce your return. That goes for Norman Black, who for some time was away from the professional basketball scene to lord over the collegiate ranks. And he’s back, this time with another championship belt to brag about. He’s on a roll man. He won 5 titles in a row for Ateneo and then followed suit with another championship on his first season back to PBA! What a genius. He’s truly a gift to Philippine basketball. Keep it up, coach!

Little Piece of Heaven – I’m not sure if I have mentioned about this on one of the random thoughts but really I find comfort in seeing an organized, clean room. May it be in a magazine or our own room, it’s just pleasing to the eyes and soul. It feels like it’s so peaceful and relaxing even just by looking at it, or better yet, being in it. I guess this goes as well for the other aspects of our lives. Universe is telling us to be organized, throw away the clutter, clean up, and you should have a peace of mind. Amen.

2013 NBA All-Stars – the starters for this year’s All Star game was announced earlier and I must say the result was I think fair and the players selected were deserving. For the East we have Rajon Rondo, DWade, LBJ, ‘Melo, and KG. On the other side we have CP3, Kobe, Durant, Blake Griffin, and Dwight. Of course there will the “snubs” but I’m sure they’ll get their chance to come off the bench as an All Star reserve. If they’re really deserving then I’m sure the coaches will notice. I was just wondering, would ‘Melo throw a pass to KG? Would they chest bump after making a nice play? Talk about awkward. For those who didn’t know what happened a couple of weeks ago, you need to look it up, now. Let the awkwardness games begin!

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Team Pilipinas, Lesgow! – Talk about good news for the Philippines in general when we were awarded with the rights to host the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship . About time I must say. Now we gotta worry about assembling a formidable team and I’m glad to hear that all PBA teams are on board. Well, at least according to the press release. I guess I’ll believe it when I see the starting line up come August 1st. Oh sorry, positivity, right. On the flip side, we hope everything goes well in Lebanon and the neighboring countries. Peace on earth. Love balls, not guns. 🙂

Little Piece of Heaven – A clean and dry bathroom floor. Call it whatever but I find some happiness every time I set my bare foot on our very nice, clean, AND dry bathroom floor. Pissing has never been this good. Not pissed of at all 🙂 If I could only make the floor dry all the time.

Freak Show in 3, 2, 1… – the freak show also known as the election 2013 has officially started. It’s all good. At least it would create jobs and such for a few of our friends even on a short term basis. I just hope everything goes well, no more killing, hating, bitterness and all. Yeah, it’s like wishing for the moon right. But I know it will happen for us. I know it is happening already for  at least 1 or 2 or 10 islands on our beloved 7,107. Let’s all enjoy the show.

Taking Its Toll – travelling to and from work has never been this tall of an order for me. It drains the energy out of me, just seeing the traffic jam and all the cars and buses. Man. Oh well. I guess it’s all part of it. Not complaining, just saying. I guess I just have to enjoy the ride, eh? I know I’ll get used to it. So help me God.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Random thoughts while watching the NBA opening game between the Hollywood Lakers versus my Dallas Mavericks.

The Future of Mavs – is definitely bright. And you can bet Jae Crowder is going to be part of that promising future. The rook looked like a veteran out there. Showed a glimpse of respectable defense, a couple of rebounds, a few jump shots, and throw in a legit three to cap it all off. I say legit because that stroke looked like he has that three shot really on his offensive arsenal. Steal of the draft. I hope he continues his progress and become a formidable player for the Mavs.

Happy With What I’m Seeing – right now, My Mavs is up by 13 points with less than 9 minutes remaining and so far so good.  My Mavs seemed to have jelled nicely during the off season. Just like with Crowder, I hope it continues and that we sustain it. I know it’s just one game, well, it’s just three quarters and a half. I shouldn’t be too happy with whatever’s happening, right? The season is long and again it’s just day one. Mavs all the way.

Little Piece of Heaven – seeing a live NBA game on TV.  Since they have decided to charge more for NBA TV, it has become a rarity for me at least to see a live game on free TV. I must say my thanks to Studio 23 for at least being considerate to the feelings of a poor handsome basketball fan to bring the last game of a triple header this opening day. Thank you.

$90M – no that’s not the income generated by the NBA today. not the salary of Eddy Curry ( I should be crucified for saying that). not whatever you think it is. 90 million dollars is the luxury tax that the Lakers will have to pay next year if and when they decide to sign Howard for a long term contract. You think that’s a whole lot of money? Not! compared to what they are going to earn/they are earning now and for the next 20 years (they just signed a TV contract worth $20 billion. not a typo. that’s really with a B). Rich gets richer.

Pressure’s On – for everyone on the Lakers not named Kobe Bryant. Dwight Howard (with the shadow of the great Laker centers hovering around his grave), Steve Nash (a little bit), Mike Brown (anything less than a Finals appearance would mean end of the road for the coach with a roster like this). It’s just one game. You have 81 more and then some to prove every doubter wrong including Mr. Mavericks and the awesome owner of this blog.

82 – 0 – so much for the Lakers getting a sweep of the regular season. not today. not this year. not against My Mavs. Now, Dallas has a chance to go 82 and 0. alright. it’s just one game. I heard you.

Dallas 99, Los Angeles 91.

Random basketball thoughts from PBA to NBA to commentators/announcers of the game.

Not So Harden To Let Go – well, they had to do what they had to otherwise they will either get hostage by the amount of salary he’s gonna command by the end of this season (not because he is a bad man but mainly because he’s that good of a basketball player) or they get nothing in return for him. Oh well.. I think it’s all good for both parties. Let’s get it on!

Best Commissioner In All Of Sport – that is NBA commissioner David Stern. Arguably the best there is in American sports. Players and owners may not be in favor of the many things he brought to the table but most of it were for the betterment of the league I must say. And with that, you will be missed. Well, not yet, and that’s a good thing.

Rising Aces – the dark horse of this young PBA season. Who would have thought that their rookie would make so much of a difference and help turn around their young season. Looking at their roster, they’ve got a really formidable team. With a reliable guy on each of the position. I just hope they sustain it. The next few months should become more interesting if it’s not already.

Little Piece of Heaven – seeing Antonio getting at least interested with the game. He won’t let go of that basketball after seeing it. And then before sleeping, we sat in front of the TV and he was somehow watching the game I was watching. I hope he liked it and that he will like it more. Can’t wait to play ball with you my man.

JVG and Mike Breen – they are the best in what they do. I admire these two folks for not what they do on the court but for what they do and say just a little bit outside of it. They are two of the few guys who would make me glued on the TV because of what they say and have to say about the game in general. More power to them and thank you ESPN for hiring these two.

NBA 2012 – 2013 Season in 3, 2, 1….

Random thoughts on Nescafe’s Red Mug Session featuring URBANDUB.

Nescafe, You Rock! – first of all, thank you Nescafe for not only featuring Urbandub but mainly for believing on Filipino talents, for supporting great Pinoy bands and their music, and for going out of your way so to speak. You just earned my respect and I know a lot more people out there. Please keep it up. Mabuhay kayo, Nescafe!

Lalay, The Sales Expert – I kinda recognize that store, I know I’ve been there once to buy not a shirt but a ticket for their then concert in Music Museum (that was the best by the way). A friend told me that Lalay sometimes go there to act as the Sales Lady, the Manager, whatnot. Too bad I didn’t get to see her. But just like she said, she’s there at least twice or thrice a week, so, I’ll see her soon 😉

Jan Jan, The Skater Boy – it’s nice to know that he isn’t one of those posers, you know, those people dressing up like they know how to skate but really not? Not him. Kudos to you sir. Keep on drumming, keep on rocking, keep on skating, keep on inspiring people.

Gab, The Wrestler – I’m not surprise to say the least, to see him doing things like jujitzu (did I spell that right?). And he got jokes too. Really talented man. I remember him kicking a fan one time during a gig because that stupid fanatic went up the stage and grab the mic from Gabby. He got a taste of Gab’s go to move – the singing side kick. Hayaaaah!

John, The Painter –  I’m one of the millions who’s glad that you quit the job for the band. The talent that you have is so amazing, you gotta share it. And thanks for doing just that, John The Painter. I’d like to see one of his works though, one of his masterpieces. Next stop for me: Freedom Bar.

Little Piece of Heaven – singing my lungs out to the tune of any of their songs. It is liberating. For me at least. I know people wouldn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to hear it. Wifey recorded my own session and man, I kicked some a$$! Not! Singing to Endless, A Silent Whisper with my headset on and caring about nothing else is such a heaven. Go ahead and do it! But please don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about the chaos you might create. I’m still alive so you should be fine 🙂

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 1)

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 2)

Red Mug Session: Urbandub (Part 3)

He’s a Kiefer – he’s the man among the boys. His set skills seem to be way advanced compared to everyone else’s. He reminds me of Mike Cortez and LA Tenorio during their UAAP time where they dominated the college games like a pro. Hands down the MVP of this series. I wish it translates to a great pro career for him. Kiefer, keep it up. You the man!

You’re the norMan! – and talking about being THE man, Norman Black should be enshrined right away to the basketball hall of fame, now. He’s born to be a basketball star. He was a great player and an even greater coach. It’s just inspiring to see a guy so humble yet have achieved so much on his chosen profession. More blessings to you, sir.

Little Piece of Heaven – hearing the cheers from the pep squad and of course from the supporters. Those chants are just awesome. It sends chills hearing 10,000 strong chanting the same cheers at the same time. I may not be there in the venue right now but i definitely know the feeling. I can still remember how it feels like being there, shouting my lungs out, doing the crazy steps memorizing the catchy lyrics all for the love of the game and team spirit.

In Good Hands – whatever happens to these two teams after this game (it’s the last 2 minutes by the way, Ateneo up by a field goal), both teams are in good hands. I can see Abdul improving his game for the next couple of years and really dominating it, Justin Chua being the man next year or so, Jeric Teng winning MVP honors before his time is done in the collegiate ranks. I may have missed a couple of more names but really they should be alright.

What Now? – I don’t want to spoil Ateneo’s great run but I’m sure the question that stands out right now would be what happens next? I know, I know. They should be just celebrating right now and not think of  anything else. I should be ashamed of myself for not staying in the now right? But admit it or not, you gotta be thinking what happens after all this? Their main guys will be gone, the coach will be gone, MVP is gone. Alright sorry. Congratulations Ateneo. You deserve it. Enjoy the championship, Blue Eagles.