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How do you become a destination expert? Below are the top five ingredients:

5.) Expert’s Swag – if you ain’t confident, it ain’t gonna fly baby.

4.) Healthy Eating – Not! Munch on cheese curls if you must.

3.) Walking The Talk – the picture below says it all.

2.) Creativity –  is the key to…. a good drawing. 🙂

1.) Pride in What We Do – that’s why we’re number 1, always.

With all seriousness, I appreciate all the dedication, the stories, the participation, and all of the good craziness combined (if there’s such a thing. Well, only in Telesales right?). I am expecting the same effort, consistently, whatever the tasks may be. You weren’t selected for this program for nothing. THANK YOU, Experts.

Keep the fire burning. I love you Team!

Number 1.


Why Do I Love Thee

Posted: October 30, 2012 in APS, Re-An's Friends, Tough Five

A lot of people are asking, “Why the hell are you still there??” Here are my top five answers:

5.) I love my Boss – how many of the people I know can say the same thing? Lucky me right? If not for her, I would have jumped out of this ship a loooooong time ago.

4.) I love my account – and again, how many people can say this? With all of its imperfection, I’d say it has been a great ride. Especially the people we work for? They are not the best but at least they have been very good in general. I’d like to say they’re better but I have no one to compare them to. Home grown baby!

3.) I love my co-workers – staying with the same account for more than 5 years has given me the privilege of working with the bests. And the connection I have made with them is just extraordinary.

2.) I love what I’m doing – I don’t like it, I loooooove it. The job may ask me to spend more hours than I’m supposed to but for most part, I ain’t complaining. #grateful

1.) I love being in my comfort zone – it’s the combination of all the things I have mentioned and then some. You might say staying in the comfort zone is a big hindrance to being more successful. Well, I’m not listening. And I’m willing to pretend being deaf and blind for as long as I can. Hey, that’s why it’s called love.

Killer Couple

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Re-An's Family, Re-An's Friends

“Bang! You’re the Killer!” They said it all started with this. It started with a game of Killers, wherein, if my memory serves me right, it ends with the other player doing a consequence or a dare. The dare for Jake? You guessed it right, a kiss for Sheila. They were merely friends back then (or so we thought) and after the famous Killer Kiss, was a colourful 7 year relationship, this time being a couple.

I guess they started off right, or at least it’s a good start for them. They started their relationship having fun, playing one of our favourite games and then connecting with each other, bonded, nurtured their relationship with love. And, we’re wishing and hoping for the love and fun to continue for both of them together, forever.

To my brother from another mother, Diko, and to one of my closest friends, classmate, kapitbahay, katelebabad, Sheila, all the bests for the both of you.

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Somebody told me that when you pray you should claim it. So, I’m claiming it for the Killer Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Ferolin – And they lived happily ever after. Amen.