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Karma Police –¬†so this is how it feels like when I was being difficult to my manager ha? Really, life has a way of getting back at you. I remember when I was giving my managers a hard time because I thought I know better and that their ideas suck. And even if i was correct about their ideas being bad or not favorable, I shouldn’t have given them the eye and the shoulder mixed with facial expressions and sarcasm. But to be fair with me, I wasn’t like that the whole time. I have come to a point where I learned to respect their views, sucky or not =P So, I should be getting the same result sooner or later right? Positivity! ūüôā

Just A Phase ¬†–¬†I told myself lately, Man, I miss those people. I never thought I would. My former bosses, colleagues, my former station, being in class, etc. Yeah, I think I’m going through that phase. This shall pass. I guess I wasn’t prepared emotionally and that everything happened so fast I didn’t get to prepare for this. Oh well. It’s all good. This should help me appreciate the things I have right now and cherish the moment. Another life lesson from the universe.

He’s The norMAN! –¬†what a way to announce your return. That goes for Norman Black, who for some time was away from the professional basketball scene to lord over the collegiate ranks. And he’s back, this time with another championship belt to brag about. He’s on a roll man. He won 5 titles in a row for Ateneo and then followed suit with another championship on his first season back to PBA! What a genius. He’s truly a gift to Philippine basketball. Keep it up, coach!

Little Piece of Heaven –¬†I’m not sure if I have mentioned about this on one of the random thoughts but really I find comfort in seeing an organized, clean room. May it be in a magazine or our own room, it’s just pleasing to the eyes and soul. It feels like it’s so peaceful and relaxing even just by looking at it, or better yet, being in it. I guess this goes as well for the other aspects of our lives. Universe is telling us to be organized, throw away the clutter, clean up, and you should have a peace of mind. Amen.

2013 NBA All-Stars –¬†the starters for this year’s All Star game was announced earlier and I must say the result was I think fair and the players selected were deserving. For the East we have Rajon Rondo, DWade, LBJ, ‘Melo, and KG. On the other side we have CP3, Kobe, Durant, Blake Griffin, and Dwight. Of course there will the “snubs” but I’m sure they’ll get their chance to come off the bench as an All Star reserve. If they’re really deserving then I’m sure the coaches will notice. I was just wondering, would ‘Melo throw a pass to KG? Would they chest bump after making a nice play? Talk about awkward. For those who didn’t know what happened a couple of weeks ago, you need to look it up, now. Let the¬†awkwardness¬†games begin!

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“Take a block of ice that’s been frozen to minus fifty degrees centigrade, and start heating it. For some time, nothing happens. Lots of energy for no visible result. Suddenly, at zero, it melts. Water!

Keep heating. Again, lots of energy and no excitement. Then, at around one hundred degrees centigrade, bubbles and steam! It boils!

The principle? It’s possible to put lots of energy into something – eg. a lock of ice, a project, a career- yet it seems like nothing is happening. Actually, your energy is already producing change, but you just can’t see it. Continue to put energy in and you will surely see a transformation. Remember the principle, and you don’t panic so much – and you don’t despair.

Every time I make any effort – tidy my desk, write a book, help a friend, practice drawing, pay a bill, try and fail – I’m scoring points. I think of all my efforts as adding to my “universal credits”. I never know how many points I’ll need for my next reward. It helps me enjoy what I’m doing rather than demand instant results.”

– Andrew Matthews, Follow Your Heart

Is it really the job that is the problem or is it the way you see your job that is the problem? See, if you convince yourself everyday that “this job is boring” and “I can find a better job” then you’re right. That becomes your reality. But when you really think about it, most of the time it is not the job that is the problem, it is how you see your job that is the problem.

And let’s say your job is really the problem, then what are you still doing there?? It’s not like that’s the only job that is available. If your job is really the problem, then stop whining and leave. You’re not a tree. You have a choice.

Here’s my concern though, if you always convince yourself that “this is this” and “this is that” then you might want to re-evaluate your belief system and ask yourself “is it really the job?” Because even if you apply for a job somewhere else and you carry that belief system, it won’t make any difference. You will continue to convince yourself that it is boring. One month, two months after you’ll be looking for a new employer.

It is how you see it. If that’s what you tell yourself everyday, your¬†subconscious¬†will always find a way to make every job boring. Why not try “Work is Fun”? I am not telling you to lie to yourself. Again, you have a choice. You have a choice to stay and make everybody else’s lives a little better including yours or leave. You have a choice on how you’ll see things.

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