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How do you become a destination expert? Below are the top five ingredients:

5.) Expert’s Swag – if you ain’t confident, it ain’t gonna fly baby.

4.) Healthy Eating – Not! Munch on cheese curls if you must.

3.) Walking The Talk – the picture below says it all.

2.) Creativity –  is the key to…. a good drawing. 🙂

1.) Pride in What We Do – that’s why we’re number 1, always.

With all seriousness, I appreciate all the dedication, the stories, the participation, and all of the good craziness combined (if there’s such a thing. Well, only in Telesales right?). I am expecting the same effort, consistently, whatever the tasks may be. You weren’t selected for this program for nothing. THANK YOU, Experts.

Keep the fire burning. I love you Team!

Number 1.


Why Do I Love Thee

Posted: October 30, 2012 in APS, Re-An's Friends, Tough Five

A lot of people are asking, “Why the hell are you still there??” Here are my top five answers:

5.) I love my Boss – how many of the people I know can say the same thing? Lucky me right? If not for her, I would have jumped out of this ship a loooooong time ago.

4.) I love my account – and again, how many people can say this? With all of its imperfection, I’d say it has been a great ride. Especially the people we work for? They are not the best but at least they have been very good in general. I’d like to say they’re better but I have no one to compare them to. Home grown baby!

3.) I love my co-workers – staying with the same account for more than 5 years has given me the privilege of working with the bests. And the connection I have made with them is just extraordinary.

2.) I love what I’m doing – I don’t like it, I loooooove it. The job may ask me to spend more hours than I’m supposed to but for most part, I ain’t complaining. #grateful

1.) I love being in my comfort zone – it’s the combination of all the things I have mentioned and then some. You might say staying in the comfort zone is a big hindrance to being more successful. Well, I’m not listening. And I’m willing to pretend being deaf and blind for as long as I can. Hey, that’s why it’s called love.

Follow Your Heart

5.) “There’s a word to describe giving it your best shot every time – it’s called professionalism.”

4.) “Always do more than what you are paid for, and one day you will be paid for more than you do.”

3.) “None of your employers will be perfect and your colleagues may be lazy. But when you sign on as an employee, your job is to give your best, not to pick holes in the guy who signs the cheques.”

2.) “When you only give fifty percent effort, you suffer much more than your boss. He only loses a few dollars. You lose your enthusiasm and your self esteem, and a whole chunk of your life.”

1.) “You give your best not because you need to impress people. You give your best because that’s the only way to enjoy your work.”

*excerpts from Andrew Matthews’ book Follow Your Heart

One was counted.

The other one was waived off (good call. well, an easy call to make).

One was counted, then waived off, then counted again. And now, it’s up for a replay.

The last two just shows a lot of heart from the same player, winning consecutive games for his team. Too bad they’re already out of contention. Nevertheles, it’s worthy of the Top Five UAAP 2012 Basketball Game Winners (and almost game winners).

5.) DLSU Archer LA Revilla’s almost beating the buzzer and the Growling Tigers. Ouch. Oh, they lost the game in overtime by the way. (another ouch).

4.) DLSU Archer Jeron Teng’s payback. This time he made sure it counted and it did (Yey! Oooops). More importantly, it came against one of this season’s top teams and that it made their case for a surprising run for the Final Four. (We can do it! Animo!)

3.) FEU Tamaraw RR Garcia’s game winner gone game replay. The UAAP Board overturned UAAP commisioner’s decision to give the Tamaraws the win. I concur.

2.) UE Warrior Chris Javier beating the defending champs with his game winning shot (0.4 left on the clock). It ranked number 2 on my list mainly because just before this game, he just sank his first ever three point shot together with the whole UP Maroon squad. Talk about heart! (I can hear him screaming: “Say what haters?!”).

1.) UE Warrior Chris Javier’s prelude to a another game winning performance (well, at least the last few seconds of the game). Oh! Do I hear fans shouting Clutch Javier for President? Patent pending.

The long awaited second session is right on it’s way. I know. Long overdue. So while we’re waiting, let us reminisce the first session that paved way for them to do another round. Below are the top five songs in the first Inuman Session. Tagay pa!

5.) Inuman Na – well we have to start with the theme song of all this of course. I think the idea really came from this song, with different personalities making a cameo on the original music video, including our idol – Yosi Kadiri.

4.) Buloy – the song that started it all. This made them officially a cult in Philippine music scene.”Hoy Buloy! nasaan ka man, siguradong kawawa ka, malamang walang alak dyan.” Very sad story… no beer?? Damn…

3.) Kaleidoscope World w/ Francis M – just like what they mentioned during the session, they can’t not sing this. It’s one of those songs that made Francis M, Francis M, you know? It’s kinda like the Buloy of his career. Ooops sorry. It’s the other way around, Kaleidoscope World is PNE’s Buloy. That’s more politically correct. I know even Chito would agree.

2.) Okatokat w/ Jay – I didn’t know Jay back then. Well, I don’t know him personally; he was kind of an unknown personality back then until this gig. This is the first time I saw him and heard him sing and man he did good. I think somehow this gig helped launch their career. Thanks to PNE, Andrew E., and a couple of bottles of pale pilsen. Toast to that!

1.) Yes Yes Show w/ Francis M. – the best showdown of all showdowns. Hands down. (Aaaaah, witty :-P). Well what can I say about this part? This summarizes it all – energy, good great music, awesome personalities, creativity, beer, pulutan… All mixed together for a good, clean fun. Ummm… okay, I’m not sure about the latter. It’s OPM at its best. Thank you Francis M for the wonderful memories. Here’s to you…. Tagay pa!

NCAA Season 88 tipped off yesterday and boy was it early. I can’t remember what date they opened Season 87 last year but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the month of June. I could be wrong. Anyway, last year, I followed the games to the last minute. It was alright. I must say it lived up to my expectation. This year I’m expecting more (no pressure). With that, let me also tip off my prediction for this year. Well, at least for the teams who’ll do well this season. Here are my top five teams (in this order) for Season 88 (warning: the author is bias):

5.) Mapua Cardinals – they’ve been always a bunch of hard-workers and it wouldn’t be a long shot for them to reach the Final Four. They’ll be there, fighting each game. Although they’ll for surely miss the services of their top-gunner (who’s now a goner) and the rest of players who already graduated or are done with their 5 year eligibility. They’ll be fine but I’m not expecting much from this year’s version of the Cards.

4.) San Beda Red Lions – the Red Lions are going to be an interesting team this year. New coach, new system, a few new players. I know Ronnie Magsanoc can pull it off for a few games but I don’t think that they are a better team this year compared to their biggest rival, the Stags. Missing the Final Four would be a disaster. Making the Finals is over achieving.

3.) Letran Knights – they are using the Jaworski formula (father and son tandem) and then some. They’re not playing together or not players for the same team like the Jaworskis, and they’re doing really well. I was rooting for them last year (together with the Stags) because they were really good. And I think this year they are better. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win it all this year.

2.) San Sebastian Stags – The Trio is back and that’s all it will take for them to win it all this time around. A full season sweep would not be a surprise. But they should not become complacent. That was their biggest flaw last year so I’m hoping they have learned they lessons.

1.) College of Saint Benilde Blazers – I believe. Let’s do it, Blazers! Animo, Benilde!


Tough Five – TLS49 Moments

Posted: June 8, 2012 in APS, Tough Five

First off, congratulations. You did well, but just like what we always say, this doesn’t stop here, should not stop here. There’s a higher mountain to climb. I know you’re up for the challenge.

Second, I must say I had fun. Not only because of the theme days and the dance presentation, but mainly because of the real performance – the overall stats. We know. It wasn’t that sweeping, it was alright. We could have done better. And, we’ll do better.

Third, let me reminisce the good times we had throughout the training period. There were a lot! The prank we played on some of them (evil laugh), the debriefing moments, etc. It was fun. These are my top five TLS 49 moments…

 5. Invasion Days – QA, Ops, Management, WFM, Agents, Former Agent, IT, Maintenance… you name it. They were there with us at one point in time. Thanks for dropping by. Apir.

 4. Theme Days – NYC, Summer, Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Green… what’s next? Bring it.

 3. EB Day – our first eyeball. It was rock and roll after that.

First Day Funk

 2. Popsicle Day – wiiiiieeeeeeee! =D we take modules seriously. we take business key drivers seriously. we take metrics seriously. same goes for popsicles.

1. Graduation Day – it was a bittersweet day. I’m happy that they have finally made it but it is also sad because it has to end. oh well… congratulations team. keep on rocking \m/