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1 Billion Views

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Basketball, NBA, Unreal
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This is something you don’t see everyday – 1 Billion YouTube views. Wow. Talk about BIG.


The Cake Boss

Posted: November 29, 2012 in TV, Unreal

Let me put this on record: TLC is my new favorite cable channel. I don’t care if you think that’s too girlie of me or that’s so gay, I just don’t care. And hey, being girlie and gay ain’t bad right? It’s actually a good thing if you ask me. Anyway…

TLC, they’ve got really nice shows. Well, I haven’t really watched too many series on this channel however every time I come across it, it always gets my attention and the next thing I know, I have stopped whatever I was doing prior and I’m seated in front of the TV like a little child watching his cartoon stuff. It’s a nice “distraction”.

So far, I like The Layover with Anthony BourdainBridget’s Sexiest BeachesExtreme Couponing, and the most recent thing that got me hooked, The Cake Boss. These are really nice shows (for me) but let me warn you, don’t trust my preference when it comes to show. It’s usually the boring ones with kind of ordinary but really out of the ordinary subplots. Yeah? I know you know what I mean.

For today’s episode, I’d like to feature the Carlos Bake Shop and their extraordinary recipe for their sweet success. I have watched a few episodes of the show but I must say it’s interesting to say the least (again, don’t put all your lunch money on that). It’s about a family owned bakeshop located in Hoboken, New Jersey that specializes mainly on cake decorations for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, hobbies, parties, special events and gatherings, and a whole lot more. They have created a NASA spaceship, a zombie, a life size replica of Buddy’s (THE Master Baker. Insert your jokes here) wife, Bumbleebee, the whole cast Sesame Street and so on and so forth, all those made out of cakes! Edible at that. It’s crazy. It’s one of those things that you should see it to believe it. Below are just some of the episodes I’ve watched and I know I haven’t seen nothing yet.

What do you think should be their next project? A life size city made out of cakes? With traffic lights and cars and busy people and buildings and stuff. You never know what a great master baker can do 😉

Photo by: Jerry McCrea/The Star-Ledger

I have 1,000 random thoughts about this video but I’m just gonna keep my mouth and hands off it. Though I have these questions I’ve been meaning to release of my chest…

Could this be the breast video ever?

What did his breast friends say about this?

What did he have for breastfast?

Too bad they lost the game in overtime, but this definitely is the top play of 2012 Olympic Basketball thus far.

1972 Olympic Drama

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Basketball, Unreal

You decide…

It started with a thought. Well, several random thoughts. Then it became this. And now I’m on my 100th post! Wooooot! Let me celebrate it by posting the past Random Thoughts entries.

The next 100 posts would be more meaningful. I’m sending it to the universe. Can I make it through a thousand? Give me another year 😉 that’s how busy this mind is. Full of random thoughts.

Random Thoughts – from January 1, 2010 to now.

Pinay Pride

Talking about the AI finalist, Jessica Sanchez. I am not really a fan of AI this year. I see it on tv and that’s it. I didn’t really get out of my way to watch it or follow it. I didn’t even know that there was a Filipina out there until my Aunt mentioned about it. And now she’s in the Final 2! Wow. I wish her all the best and I hope she wins it all. I am sending it to the universe. Mabuhay!


Looking like it. And I won’t mind seeing these two in the West Finals. They are the top 2 teams in their conference after all. Too bad for the Thunders if indeed they end up matching up with the Spurs because they’re not going to have home court advantage. I know they’re kicking their heads right now for relaxing too much during the latter part of the season. Oh well. It shouldn’t be that big of a problem. They’ll be aight, I guess. This going to be the real test for each team. I just hope nobody gets hurt, like go down with an injury because that’s gonna be a bummer. It should be an interesting match up. Game on.


Maybe. And that will depend on what happens in the next 2 days. Can Miami still bounce back? Probably. Most likely. This is not the end, yet, for them. They can still redeem themselves. As for the Celtics, they’ve been really testy with fate. One wrong move and they’re done. Where, in fact, they could have focused and finished off their opponents. No need to slack off and stop going with flow. Finish them right away! You might be surprise what the Sixers can do, if you aren’t yet. Boston versus Miami. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Stop playing.

Pet Peeve

I just find it annoying when somebody tears a page from my notebook. Aaaaargh! I know, it’s just one page, but can you not find another piece of paper?? I mean, there could at least one or two pieces out there right? And even there’s nothing around, don’t you please just start tearing a page or two on my darn notebook without asking if it’s okay or not (because it’s not). I’ll be glad to look for a piece for you if you’re too lazy to look for one. Leave my notebook alone! Okay, too much drama.

Too Heat To Handle

Yes, you read that right. The Miami Heat is just too hot to handle, even themselves can’t handle their own team. They just lost Game Three today of the Best of Seven series against the surprising Indiana Pacers, and is now down 2-1. Definitely it’s not the end of the road for them, not yet at least. If they win the next game they should be alright. Even if they lose, they’ll be fine, so long as they comeback and win the series. In fact, i think it will make them stronger and more bonded if that happens. If not, you know Spo’s gotta go. I don’t agree and won’t agree with that move but we all know that’s going to be the first thing that will happen if they don’t win it all this year. Good luck, and good riddance?

OK City

Meanwhile, Oklahoma is manhandling the Lakers. Well, they almost let Game 2 slip away from their hands yesterday. But still… 9-0 in the last 2 minutes? Against the Lakeshow? Against Kobe?? I never thought I’d say that. I’d like to see how they respond tomorrow. I’m guessing number 24 scores 50 points, or more.

China Maniacs

Get out of our island. You don’t own anyone and stop being a bully. I know we’re going to be outnumbered with your 100 billion population but we are not gonna back down. If your people won’t fit in your already humongous geography, that’s your problem. Don’t go looking at our peaceful islands and start acting like you own it and it’s your property. LEAVE.US.ALONE.

Insane In The Membrane

That’s what I am. I got crazy thoughts, crazy ideas running through my head. Every time. Might be the caffeine, might be the stresses of life, might be the books that I read. I don’t know. I just feel like I have so many thoughts every single time (hence this blog). Where will it lead me, I don’t know. That hospital could be one of my destinations someday, I hope not. But what if I’m really crazy now and all of these are just thoughts in my head, thinking I’m typing something but really I’m in a cell only dreaming about it. Man. I need a psychiatrist.

Tough Luck

For the Bulls and especially to DRose. They said he’s done for the post-season. Well, maybe them Bulls can take comfort in the fact that they did very well without their superstar. I don’t have the exact numbers but they won a lot of games with the man being injured (18-9 if I’m not mistaken). Oh well. I know they’ll still fight and win a couple of games but the chances of winning it all is as slim as getting through traffic in EDSA during rush hour. Again, there’s a chance. What I like about Bulls basketball is that it’s not centered on one player; they don’t rely on just one or two superstars, so in times like this they’d very well know how to respond. I guess we’ll see. They won game 1 today.

Ditto For The Magic

Though it happened to them just before the playoffs. And they did respond well today by stealing game 1 from the Pacers. Well fought game. That’s Magic basketball for you – win and die from beyond the arc. Even the last possession was won from beyond the arc when Granger was called for travelling violation thanks to Big Baby’s defense. I never thought I’d say that. Game 2 for them is tomorrow and no, I’m that not too excited for them both.

On Their Toes

Why am I still feeling happy about the Mavs’ loss to the Thunders today?  Seriously. I’m that as sad as when they lose their playoff games as before. I think it’s because we’re supposed to get beaten out by the number 2 seed like we’re no defending champs. It’s because it should come to the last shot to beat us just like what happened today. We should be getting blown out since everyone thinks we’re mediocre and that we lost our championship touch. We had them on their heels. We were 12 second s away from stealing game 1 from everybody’s playoff darling this year. Yes, we came up short today, but damn, we almost got that one. Mavs all the way.

That’s Expected

Or is it? Getting dumped by Miami Heat by what? 23 points? So I thought this year’s version of the Knicks are far better than what we had last year. What happened there? They were definitely got burned but that scorching Heat! I was expecting a more competitive game. Of all the series except for the Mavs versus Thunders’,  this is the one that I am excited about – James and Wade versus Melo and Amar’e; Ty Chan’s defensive prowess, the run and gun style of both teams, and so on and so forth. I guess we’ll have to wait for game 2.

Weird Sleeping Habit

Yep, that’s what I am having since arriving back home. I’ll always wake up at 4, 5 in the morning, and that is after sleeping like for 4 hours. And now I’m all awake, slept at 3 in the afternoon, up at around 11pm. It’s just crazy. Is this what they call jetlag?  I can’t say I’m hating it but it’s just weird. I guess I’m still adjusting to things. Whatever. I’m sleepy.

Tim Tebow – God has a plan for you. this should not hinder your growth as a person and as a player. I’m not really a fan fan, but i heard a lot of great stories about you.  Please remember, the world you’re in, is still business – money rules that world. I still believe that you can play your best while touching lives in a positive way wherever you end up playing. Here’s wishing you all the best on your endeavor.

Whining – one of my pet peeves. really. but yeah,, maybe i’m like this that’s why i hate it! (see, i’m starting it..).  Hay… I just hope God will give me more patience to put up with these people. Yeah, maybe they were sent by God to test my patience because I have been asking for it. Hmmmm… God be with you, whiners! =P

Crazy Weather – one moment it’s raining here like crazy, then it’s quiet again, then thunderstorm! I know, sounds like a bad combination right? Even worse, sounds like…. a recipe for tornado! Yikes… It was even part of my dream! Crazy.. Waaaaah! There goes the thunder again!

Bottled Frappuccino – is my drug. it just makes me feel better in an instant. It’s just weird. Good weird. So, Howard Schultz, give him a raise. whoever thought of this magic bottle. All I know is Starbucks is not really going to carry it, well at least in the Philippines. Back home, i only see these in supermarket, not in Starbucks stores. Here, it’s everywhere including in-store. Nevertheless, i’m loving it! (ooops, wrong ad).

Shared Planet

To do business that is good for the people and the planet. You can’t go wrong with that. And so, smokers, please bear with us. As much as we would like to accommodate and tolerate you, we can’t (and won’t). I am maybe being a bit bias but it is what it is. It’s a law, and I’m happy. =)



Now this can’t be good. NBA Players being locked-out for who knows how long. I just hope it won’t last that long. Everyone is going to be affected – the players, the fans, the owners, everyone. Every stakeholder. I hope they can sit down asap and resolve whatever. But I’m positive. With a great season, or seasons, for the past couple of years, they should be able to work things out.


Myyyyyyyy Way ♪♪♪♫

Yep, you can’t sing that way in Makati no more. Uh-huh. The Mayor just passed an ordinance banning the use of loud videoke’s in the places where it may cause disturbance. I think this is a good one. I mean I’m fine with the noises here and there once in a while and if the neighbor is having fun, celebrating a birthday or what-not, but how about the other neighbors right? I think this would only highlight the value of respect, and that’s always good. Kudos to you Mayor. Can i hear a hell yeah Quezon City? Manila?



Starbucks Ice Cream

Aha! I got your attention. It got mine too. Hmmmm… looks really nice. I just wonder why are we still not offering this here in our Starbucks stores. And yeah, the Frappuccino with liquor, the Starbucks card, and so on and so forth. But yeah, I think our time will come. For now, enjoy the picture, savor the taste later. Or, you can call me, I’ll hook you up =P


Past: Mavs All The Way

That’s my code name in one of the blog sites I frequently visit (basketball fans you should check it out: Lo and behold, MY Mavs went all the way. I wanted to brag and throw some thrash-talk while it was all happening but I think I have learned my lesson (you know what, thinking about it, I think I should have. hehe). I’m the happiest fan, at least in my world. I have been a Dallas fan ever since I don’t know when. Just like what I told to one stranger, they have disappointed me for the longest time! Not anymore. To MY 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks, congratulations. Well deserved I must say. Let’s go get the next one.


Present: Laundry, House Chores

Just finished doing the laundry, the dishes, errands, etc etc. That’s my routine now. It is truly life changing. And the good thing about it? I’m not complaining a single bit about it. Not like when I was a child when I hated every single time I had to do any chore. Yep, I’m that kind. Fast forward to Now, I’m glad I was able to experience those things; that my mom and dad didn’t spoil me like I would’ve wanted to at that time. You wouldn’t really understand the lesson/s sometimes until it stares you right in the face. I’m lucky and grateful that I am blessed with a great family. Thanks Dear Almighty. Amen.


Past-Present: My First Place

Damn, I missed the whole experience! From my partners, to the aroma, to the connection. Everything! I have said it before, I’ll say it all over again: I’m more than glad to be part of something great. Thank you Noey (my Tito) for the opportunity. Pleasure’s mine.


Future: Dark Of The Moon

I waited a whole year for this. Of all the movies I was looking forward to seeing this year, it’s this flick. With or without Maegan Fox. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been really great if they have the same casts for all the sequels of this movie but nevertheless I think it would still be a good one if not great. So, it would be shown June 29. It’s a date. Free up your schedule.


Past-Present-Future: The Man

I would just like to pay tribute to The Man, my dad. I know I have done you wrong soooooo many times but you’re still there, ready to support me, ready to pick me up. I owe you big time, and, I will make sure to give it right back to you in due time. In God’s time. It may not be now, might not be tomorrow, might not be next week. I know that time will come. For now, I’d like to say THANK YOU. I am proud to be your son. I love you and mommy. Happy Father’s Day, De.


Future Perfect: Priceless

Antonio, this little space won’t suffice to occupy all the words I would like to tell you. As I type here, I can see you on your little playpen drinking the milk I prepared for you. Soon, I know before I knew it, it’s gonna be beer or vodka that you’re gonna be drinking. Sorry Son, I won’t prepare that for you. But I’ll give you the money so you can buy (just don’t tell Mama). Kidding aside, I’d like you to know how much happiness you bring in our lives – priceless. I love you. We love you. Let’s rock and roll \m/

The Script of Maroon 5

They are coming over!!! I’m uber excited! I’m still having second thoughts about the Maroon 5 concert but I’m already sold to the The Script’s gig. But I don’t think they’re selling tickets now. I checked yesterday, and it wasn’t included yet on the concert list for Araneta. What the heck. I’m really looking forward to it. Anyone who’s willing to give me free tickets, just send me a message =)


Manny The Bieber Pacquiao

Have you seen his new ‘do? haha. he caught the Bieber Fever. Look it up now. Or perhaps you have seen it already, since our man has been on the news again as of late. I just hope he won’t wear that kind of hairdo come fight night. He might get knocked-out because of it. He’d be like brushing his hair every once in a while and next thing you know is a right hook from Mr.Mosley. But it’s all good. The new look I mean. My bold prediction? He’s gonna sing a Bieber song in front of the camera soon. Wanna bet?


Lost In Transition

Kind of. but it’s all starting to make sense to me now. All the changes that have been happening over the past few days, weeks, it’s all starting to matter. I guess it has started to sink in. I just hope it brings out the best in me and make me a better person. So help me God.

We Care Through Coffee and…

wooden stirrers. Yep. It’s another milestone for all the stakeholders, for everyone. We have started doing away of those plastic stirrers and replaced it with a wooden stick. Isn’t that one of the best things ever? It just shows how we are truly concerned about our environment. I just feel very proud for being a part of something great. I have always envisioned myself being part of a company that genuinely cares. and Starbucks (Philippines) is that company. In our own little ways, we are making this world a better place. Starbucks — more than just coffee. Good Job.


“This Is Where Your Taxes Go…

…in our pockets!” Oh, more of our bank accounts. several bank accounts. Now I can understand why Trillanes and troops went that way, the Oakwood route. It’s a shame to everyone. It’s sad, thinking about it, that the system is that flawed and dirty and full of sh*t. Now, how can we even trust them to protect us, right? Hay… and they’re deducting taxes from you and me and this is what we all get – get all our moneys. Frustrating. Woooza… Alright, enough of the negativity. There are still a lot of good things happening.


Fan Page Anyone?

Don’t we have a fan page yet for her? With her courage and charisma, who else won’t be awed by The Heidi Mendoza. Given that what she’s saying in the Senate and all the hearings are true, we should be all thankful for her. I just hope she gets all the necessary support so that once and for all, these junkies would be jailed forever. I salute you ma’am. I want you to know that you have one supporter right here.


I’m A Fan!

Have you seen Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s facebook account? one word, astig. You should like her page now. There are a lot of meaningful things in there. And that’s an understatement. Man. I used to hate her because of politics but as time went by, I started liking her and now I’m a fan! Can’t wait to read all the notes and posts she have there and to meet her in person and have a chat with her. That would be fun. Yup, we need some more Miriam’s in the world =)


Indefinite Total Log Ban

He’s on the right track. Good job Mr.President. Putting an indefinite log ban, across the country. Very awesome. The last thing we need is another tree cut. Enough of it please. It’s time for us to care and give back to nature, and this law, bill, executive order, whatever it’s all called is a start. a very good start. Next step? Use of plastics ban? why not right? we can do it.


Wet Summer

The more we need to have that law implemented, soon. Now. They said we’re going to have that kind of summer – rain showers, storms, even typhoons. Yaiks. That’s not good. I just hope mother nature gives us a chance to at least enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Puhleaaaaase….


Thank You Berry Much.

I heard it’s really good for the heart. Any kinds of berries – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. Hmmm… interesting. I should start buying and start munching on berries then. Aside from berries, they said foods that are high on omega-3 are our heart’s bff. Such as oatmeal, salmon, avocado, and soy! I’m cool with those. I think I can handle it. Bring it on! yum!


The Mummy Returns

What’s happening in Egypt now? I really hope it turns out well for everyone. To the President or Prime Minister, c’mon sir, i think it’s time to step down. It’s been like, 30 years? Time for change. Your people aren’t happy no more. We need no blood shed. But yeah, none of my business as far as you’re concerned. I just hope everything works for the better. World peace.


Bodicky, Thanks.

I know we’ll see each other again. I would just like to thank you for all the things we’ve shared. You are a big loss for the team but I guess we’ll have to learn how to deal with it. And, i know it’s for the best. We wish you and your family all the greatest things this world has to offer. Until we see each other again. Thanks, man.


Air Jordan 2011

I must say, one of my favorite Air Jordan’s to date. The past few releases were kind ho-hum, but this one is really something. I know it has some resemblance to Jordan 11? but still… I like the twist to it too, changeable soles? That’s like the first time i heard it made for a shoe. astig. anyway, universe, I’m sending my request. I won’t mind getting the red ones 😉


December Came In Late

Are you not liking the weather? Well, I am (except for the pabugso-bugsong pag-ulan). This kind of weather usually happens during the Christmas season, but apparently it came in late. I guess it’s the effect of global warming and stuff. things are starting to change. But I’ll take it. This is like our extended holiday. Well, Chinese New Year is still on its way, so… Enjoy the weather. Cheers!


Serpent Tamer Oh Yeah

And with all the changes that are happening, even the zodiac signs changed! This might be too late for a news already but it still fascinates me. So, those people who are this sign before are now this new sign. You were born a cancer, now you are a scorpio, or libra, or whatever. Interesting. As for me, I am now under the Ophiucus sign. Awesome.


Happy 400th Birthday!

“Go Uste… Go Uste… Go! Go! Go!” I remember chanting this for UST. And they are celebrating their 400 years of existence. Man. Talk about tenure and age and experience. That is just unbelievable. Thomasians, you should all be proud. Last year it was UP’s 100 years if I am not mistaken. Next year would be La Salle’s. But this year is UST’s. Congratulations! More power and God bless y’all. Raaaaar!



Forgive me but i still have the Annual Dinner hangover. It was F-U-N. Anyway, I have said that too many times. There were still a lot of stories to be told for that night. One of which is about the two great OPM bands of my era – Rivermaya and e-heads. ooops, rather Pupil. It was nice seeing them perform. I have a lot of reservations though about their performance and stuff, but overall it was aight. I can just imagine them playing during their prime. It must have been awesome seeing them play during their kasikatan and you’re there in front. But yeah, that’s life. I wish them all the best. They still are entertaining and i hope are enjoying what they’re doing, have been doing. Mabuhay ang bandang Pilipino. Astig! \m/


Blessing And Curse

This Facebook man. It’s both a blessing and a curse for me. I should be resting by now and sleeping and yet here I am, in-front of the pc again, typing my thoughts away. I should stop this now right? But then again, I guess this has become a way for me to be an outlet of sorts. you know. So, there. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, you are one hell of a genius. I hate you.


Hall Of Fame

Today, I am putting all the members of Team GBONe for the Most Awesome People Hall Of Fame in my heart. Yehesss… But seriously, I’m gonna miss this team. Whatever we do, wherever we go, wherever our fate may lead us, you, you, and you, and you will always have a special place here in my ailing heart. Your kindness and care will never be forgotten. Thank you.


Which Type Are You?

I posted this the other day, it’s about the type of people according to lifestyle. Wherein TYPE A people according to a study, are people who are workaholic, stress-junkies, and the like. While TYPE B people are those who are care-free, laid-back, and almost don’t give a damn. And here’s the crunch, TYPE A are more prone to heart diseases, which totally makes sense. Definitely a Type A here. So, what type are you?


Green Tea Latte

My new best friend! Especially now that I’m cutting down on coffee consumption, Green Tea Latte has become my new bestest friend. Hot alright. I didn’t like it that much before but I have started to feel the comfort from it. And it’s healthy too! See. So I’d like you to meet Starbucks Green Tea Latte. It’s made of matcha green tea powder, hot water, Classic Syrup, Steamed Milk, and a whole lotta’ lovin’ from your friendly and beautiful Barista. YOU.SHOULD.TRY.IT.


Back From The Dead

What a way to start the year. Last year, it was all cool – coffee with my mom and dad, Chico and Delamar on the background, breakfast with the family. This year? camp out in bed then straight to the hospital. haha. funny. but I’m all good now, i guess. and I’m not even complaining. you know what they say, it’s not how you start but how you finish. so I’m all positive. i know a lot of good stuff are on its way. and with that, happy new year everyone. let’s rock and roll \m/


Live Like We’re Dying

There’s something wrong with that phrase but yeah I’ll take it. I couldn’t have imagined that this is gonna happen this soon. Well, at least that’s what the doctors are saying. They said it’s about the condition of my heart and it’s not good at all. You know those stories, you’re talking to your love one then the next thing you know you’re telling stories about that person – that how he or she was so good to you and everyone else, that he or she is still young, that you were just talking to that person earlier. So, the next time we talk, that might be the last. alright that’s emo. but as what my soulmates said, “pota, bahala na bukas!” XD



Now it makes sense. God will let you meet people that will break your heart, fail you, won’t meet your expectations, to let you feel how great your friends are. to make you realize that there would be no other better people than your true friends. they are still simply the best, in every way. even the “bad” things are still the best when I’m with them. they are my soul mates. so, to each and everyone of you, here’s to a wonderful time together. through the years. i love you all.

Tickets Please…..! 10.22.10

Send me one universe, please…. wait! not just one. around 10 maybe! i need to bring my friends with me of course. calling out on Vinsh, Tony, Norman, Gayleness, Shiela and Jan M, Alvin C., John Paul, Breg, Ron and Steph, Crissy, Apple, and you, tickets puhleaaaaaaase….! see, that’s more than ten. i wouldn’t mind getting the pre-VIP ones. hay…. i’m desperate. I will give my virginity to whoever can provide me that ticket, those tickets. oh, wait… XD


10.27.10 – The Tip-Off

Can’t wait for the opening night. we’re almost there. and i agree with the commish, that this maybe one of the biggest season in history if not the biggest. so much are happening and will happen. of course aside from the movements, there’s the pending lock-out, or should i say inevitable? i hope they work it out. anyway, i’m gearing up for the opening day. this is the year. let’s go mavs! all the way!


Gun Ban

I was thinking lately, good thing i don’t own a gun. and i should not. i feel like pulling the trigger on whoever – rude drivers, unfair people, insane mind, stress addict, crazy being. oh, did i just describe me? but yeah, don’t let me hold that gun or bring it near me because i might just shoot it. damn i’m a criminal.


Lost That Loving Feeling

Where can i buy love? because it feels like i already forgot how to give one. seriously. am i that busy? or is it just because? you can call it emo, but really it’s seems like i have totally forgotten how to reciprocate. i’m pathetic. but i know someday, somewhere along the way, it will come back. and when that happens, i promise to give it all. to pour in every bits and pieces. yuck. see what i mean? hay nako…


Happy Octoberthday!

This is the most i greeted people in a month! like 20 of my friends? it’s like greeting, and wishing, one person a happy birthday per day. man. seriously, there are a freaking lots of people celebrating their birthdays this month. hmmm… that means you were all made around the months January and February. okay. that explains it. i’m a genius ;-P


Proud Pinoy

While all the neighboring countries are parading, err more of boasting, their military power, the Philippines meanwhile is busy parading the heart of a true Filipino. Vietnam and North Korea yesterday boasted their troops, telling the whole world maybe that they are no push-overs or whatever. While us? Around 130,000 Filipinos (and Filipino’s by heart) joined the Run For Pasig. Now beat that! ha! I promise to join next time. Rock on Pinoys!


One Helluva Night

We work hard, we party even harder. It was fun, and it’s sweeter because we know we deserve it. We are number one after all. Yeah baby! and with that, we’ll do our best again to retain the crown. Team Manila number one!


Patience Is A Virtue

Or is it? please send me some more then. really, i have caught myself losing it a couple of times lately, and i know it’s not good. That’s why I’m asking for more of it. whew. wooooza… wooooza…


Can’t Wait For…

Christmas! it starting to feel a lot like Christmas! wait, that’s a song right? but really, that’s what’s keeping me sane lately. I don’t know, I just feel happy when I’m reminded that it’s almost Christmas. It’s the energy maybe? that during this season most of us are happy, jolly, or at least smiling. I going to savor this until it lasts. group hug…!


Ang Problema Wag Mong Problemahin

So Astrid said. Okay. I’m taking heed. but yeah she’s right, makes sense. but then again, it’s easier said than done, no? whatever. let’s just go with the flow and let fate decide. life is too short i guess to waste your time worrying. so help me God. amen.


Sights Set On One

It’s a long shot but I’m throwing it there anyway. I have my sights set on One. One Rockwell that is. I’m gonna get One. I’m throwing my request to the universe. Just like what joe said, the only way to make the impossible possible is to believe it is possible. i’m a believer but i doubt it. hehe. it will happen. will make it happen.



One testament to the above quotes is the miracle i just received this week. i was worried how i’m going to make time for Urbandub’s concert, it’s October 22, Friday, my class’ last day of Nesting and I can’t be absent. Then all of a sudden, i receive an email saying that we should move the schedule to October 21. man. I was speechless. God made a way. I didn’t even request for the schedule. Hay… Thank you thank you. Let’s rock!



Yep, that’s the date. waiting. Now, if it’s not too much to ask…. can i get VIP, please? they only have 40 seats available for that and I’m hoping to get two, please? Sonicboom, i’ll be a slave for you just give me those darn tickets, puhleaaaaase…? okay. thank you.



This will not happen again in our lifetime they say, at least in my lifetime. but i just thought, so is 10.11.10 and 10.12.10 and 10.13.10 right? but yeah whatever. let’s enjoy each day as tomorrow it’s history. yeheeees… i sounded like a very bright man. anonymous.


Team GBOne

Told you we can do great things. I hope this continues until forever! I love you guys. You rock!\m/


We Have Arrived

Telesales 43 it’s now time to show our stuff. Let’s show them how great we can be. OPS, here we come. Rock and Roll!


I Love My Mom

We’re friends now…in Facebook! haha! who would have thought that my mom would soon have a facebook account?! none. well, at least not me. haha. so, who’s next, my dad? why not, right? it’s cool. I super like it =) Yo, Mah! check out my new profile picture =P next thing I know, I’m being scolded by my mom online. we’ll call it online scolding. “Ray Anthonyyyyyyyyy….! Tanghali na! Bumangon ka na jan! Lunes na Lunes…” XD hehe. I love you, Me. You’re the best. Mwah!


Mo’ Plastics, Mo’ Problems

So, let’s eliminate the use of it. I still believe it can be done. Using paper bags may be more expensive but I guess that’s the price we pay. These malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, fast food chains, and all types of establishments. everyone should consider changing their usual plastic bags to paper ones. we’ve seen it in the movies. we’ve seen other countries do it. that’s why i’m glad to have read the news about a bill that being pushed by a few great congressmen to either put more tax on usage of plastics or totally ban it. i hope it becomes a law. again, I still believe it can be done – plastic(bag)-free environment. we can do it.


One Big Fight!

No, i’m not crossing over. I just admire the system they have with their basketball team. man. imagine losing all your key players last year and still contend for a championship?? only La Salle and Norman Black can do it. and maybe aric del rosario too. 4-peat by the growling tigers, THE Archers, and now 3-peat by the Eagles (or should i say the tweeter? hehe. peace brothers =P). well, not yet, but they’re almost there. it’s a perfect example of a championship or championships being won not because of 1 great player but because of an effective system. and with that, i salute you mr.Black. you are the man.


It’s Been A Year

It has been a year since Ondoy hit us like a thief in the night. I was at the store when the rain poured like crazy. next thing you now, our place is swimming in water as if we were suddenly transferred to the beach side. but imagine the other places. it was just horrifying. i wish we have learned our lessons, the government, the people, everyone. i wish this will not happen again. my prayer goes to all the family, friends, relatives, who were greatly affected by the wrath of nature.



That’s just the best idea ever. I’m for it. I hope they do it really. i read that yesterday in the newspaper, that a private company is working on making it happen. and if it happens, that’s just awesome. i hope the government helps out and not become a hindrance to this this time. that’s just a driver’s dream right there. i’m already excited. wiiiiieh! overdrive, anyone? XD


Power Plant Indeed

A pen, notebook, a knife, and a short-in-a-tall white chocolate mocha. That’s a perfect ingredient for recharging one tired soul. I enjoyed every moment of being alone with me. Sometimes you really need some alone time and a quite place to gather yourself. i’m glad i have found my way back to my haven. I will for surely be back every weekend as much as I could. Thank God. This is more than a little piece of heaven. cheers.


Sharon, Thank You.

I don’t know her. she just happened to be the first person to buy a pack of VIA I offered, after a series of “unsuccessful” attempts. It’s all fun. I kind of look like a sorry ass there a couple of times but it’s all good. and sharon might have been the lucky charm. whoever you are, wherever you may be, thank you. not for just buying but for listening and taking time. i’m sending your reward to the universe.


Never Be Without Great Coffee

It’s worth trying. I know there could be a slight difference with the taste, and flavor, and overall quality, but it’s all good. I have tried it and i must say it worked for me. Though I have my own coffee press, it’s always nice to have a ready brew at hand. especially with people like me who’s always on the fly, really perfect. you should try it. it’s on me. let me know.


Rock And Roll

Today is the day, Telesales Batch 43. I’m excited and nervous, yay. We’ll be fine I know. Guys you don’t know me yet, but I’m excited to see you and meet you all and share all the great things. Fate brought us here together. That should be enough reason. With that, let’s rock and roll \m/


Greenwich Promo

Have you seen that?? That is just the coolest thing! man. If you haven’t, go check their website. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it because i might have competition for limited stocks but yeah it’s all over the place anyway. hay… universe, please get me one? puhlease…


I Love VIA. Yeeeeheeee…

Tomorrow, Philippines will experience the greatest thing yet. Never be without great coffee *wink


Finally, A Dinner Date

Woooot! I had fun. I didn’t think I’ll have as much fun as I had, mainly because I am not really a fan of eat-all-you-can dinning. But I did! good stuff. and i can see myself doing such again. how about Team breakfast next payday =P Thanks, Paige, Brandy, Jay, Mommy E, Rej, and Crissy! “kumain na bgirl koh…? Kawawa naman yang syah…” XD


It’s Time, Noh?

I’m talking about making Divorse legal in the Philippines. Well, I don’t think that’s the right term. Right, it should be making divorse a law? or should i say an option? whatever it should be called, I think it’s time for it to be available as a last result for unhappy couples. they say, there are only 2 countries left where there is no divorse, us and another one (all I can remember is that it starts with the letter M. any guess?). I can understand where the church or anyone who is opposing to it is coming from. but if we are giving them an option to marry, why not an option to have it nullified? you know, i think it’s the couples right, both of them, whatever they want to do with their lives. Well, we’ll see. they have resubmitted the bill for the nth time.


Birthday Treat

I just noticed, the game scheduled on December 2 (December 3 here) is one of the NBA’s most anticipated game of the year – Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers. I would take that anytime. As i have mentioned from my other post, this game may not even happen in The Q, with all the hate for the ex-King. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a game filled with different emotions – hate, excitement, love. So, thanks NBA for the early birthday surprise. can’t wait for the season to start.


The (other) Man

In a way, he’s the man, but no he’s not. What I am certain is that he is all worthy to be inducted in The Basketball Hall of Fame. I’m talking about Mr.Pippen aka MJ’s sidekick. I really admire his professionalism, his team-first attitude, his IQ, his love for the game. He knew his role and damn played it well. I know you’ll agree that MJ23 wouldn’t have won that multiple championships if it weren’t for Scottie, who stood by him and for the team. Can you imagine taking a pay-cut of about 8 figures just to achieve your end goals? he was that. there was a time in his career wherein a bench player was earning more than him, and when i say more, i mean millions of dollars. but there, he stood by the team even when the management isn’t treating him any better. This Hall Of Fame recognition was just a formality for a guy who did his best and made a great sacrifice for the love of the game. Mr.Scottie Pippen, you the man.


High Level. Oh Yeah

That was fun! Man. I had a blast! Training the VP, Senior Manager, and QA Supervisor. How high level can you get? haha. i hope they had fun as much as I did, and of course learned a lot from it. I’m sure they did. With all the discussions we had, I’m sure we picked up a couple of good things from there. It was such a great experience. From the topics, to the challenges, to the yosi breaks, to Starbucks foodies, to the electric fan in the training room – it was all great. Thanks to Toni, Paul, Maja, and Paige for not being so pasaway trainees. hehe. This is one of the highlights. Will for surely treasure this. Grateful for the experience. Totally. =)


WOW! Wow?

New version of Notes in Facebook! ummm… not bad but I’m missing that link. Where’s my “strike-through”? is that how you spell it? and my spelling checker? Facebook, anyone? I’d like to speak to your supervisor.


Train Overload

Can’t get enough of Train man. They are the best! awesome awesome music. I was reading the lyrics and I must say one of the bests ever. i like that kind of songs, you know, you mouth the lyrics, sing it, and then tell yourself that that’s exactly how you feel. just awesome. and they’re kind of jolly people too, eh? i don’t know. that’s how i see them. always dancing to their songs and seems like they are really having fun. and that they like to interact with their fans too. well, at least with the videos that i saw. i can’t wait for their next stop here in the Philippines. “ to have something to keep us together. Love, Love. That’s enough for me.” \m/
It’s Been A While
Man, I missed Facebook, or should i say Facebooking? Has it been three weeks? darn. Well, I’m here again, though may not be for long. I don’t know what’s wrong with my pc. I’ll have to have it fixed asap. I will. Sending it to the universe.

Roller Coaster
It feels like it. this past couple of days, weeks, it felt like i was in a roller coaster. (or as Boyong would put it – Roller Scoater. hehe). A lot has been happening, good and bad. or is it really like that? some say putting a tag on things is subjective, and not healthy. there’s no bad bad, nor good good. you know? you’re just the one putting a label on it. i think it’s really up to you on how you view things. sure it’s difficult to see everything as good good but at least you’re trying. I don’t think I’m making any sense. Anyway, I’m taking all the “good” things from the “bad”. charge it to experience.

The WeekS Ahead
The following weeks would be very exciting. If the previous weeks hasn’t been already. A lot things are in-store and I’m trying my best to psyche myself up. I’m nervous, but then again, like what Baz Luhrmann said:”Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind.The kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.” Isn’t that right? With that being said, Let’s Bring It. (yay).

Here To Stay?
I can’t imagine how I managed to last for a year (and hopefully more years) “working” for my First Place. With all the troubles i had caused, i honestly don’t know how i lasted for another year. I even forgot I had worked for a year already. I saw a letter in my locker reminding me that I had grown a year older. Great job for me I guess. So here’s to my anniversary and for another year and a decade and more. cheers!

One Helluva Week
Well, weeks. that was insane man. busiest weeks ever. i haven’t even had a chance to peak on my facebook. man. but, it’s all good. gained a few more experience, a few more mileage. thanks God for the strength, the patience, the guidance, the blessings, the challenges, everything. You are an awesome God. Up here.

With that, here’s a week’s worth of random thoughts. weeks.

NCAA 86: Game On!
Could this be CSB’s year to win it all, in basketball? I hope. I like our chances, although more than half of the squad are rookies. I know, i know. A championship maybe a long shot right now, heck Final Four, but then again, the ball is round, and we’re here to win and not just to show up. I like what coach Richard Del Rosario said that their goal this year is to improve on last year’s performance, which is very realistic goal. He’s not saying to the world that “this is our year y’all! we gonna be champs this year!” no. (not yet). Just work hard on every possession, every game, every day, every week. Our time will come, and it may not be a long wait. Animo Benilde!

Which Team? Team Charlie!
Seriously, I never thought and never have imagined that I will be watching Eclipse not once but twice! I almost puke just by saying it. hehe. But you know what, I enjoyed it. It was aight. not the kind of movie that I’ll include in my top ten list; if not only because of the special people I watched it with. I was surprised I was paying attention to the movie as if i am that interested you know? I am a bit interested yeah but not that much. I’ll put it this way, I’ll watch it with someone dear to me but not by my lonesome. there. why am i explaining? anyway… there. the movie. it was good. Bella is such a biatch; Jacob is an asshole; Edward is emo; Victoria is O.A. (no pun intended); Bree is kawawa; Jasper is the man; his partner (what’s her name?) is beautiful, and sweet; dakota fanning is scary shit; and Charlie is funny. You should watch it. It’s worth it. Never thought I’d say that for this movie.

When Leaving Has Become An Option
I don’t know how I’m going to put this. This might be too heavy for a random thought, but, yeah… Might as well put it here. It’s just so sad that your work has become a work. you know what I’m saying. It’s no longer fun. all you have to do is produce numbers numbers and numbers. I understand this is business but whatever happened to fun, to enjoying your work, to connection with people? Maybe I’m just adjusting to this whole new movement, or maybe I’m just not the right fit for this, but one thing for me is for sure, WE have lost the connection. or perhaps there was no connection at all in the first place. I don’t know. My thoughts maybe just as bias as your thoughts when you’re on that other side. Has leaving become an option? I have thought of it, but not seriously considering it. But the fact that I have considered it right? Aaaargh. I’m not mentioning any names. If you think it’s you then it’s you. i am not even trying to be mayabang, and threaten anyone with me leaving, I am just saying. There are still more to business than this. and I still believe in that. call it idealistic.

Bestfriends For Life
Had a blast with J.A. and Jo this week! I missed them and thank heavens for the opportunity of being with them again. It was a perfect night. They’re still them, I’m still me when I’m with them. This deserves another post. I will. But for now, I’d like to say thanks Jo and J.A. You are my greatest treasures.

Wang Wang
Disclaimer: I am not a hater or an opposition. This is just one man’s opinion.
Are you serious? With the nation having so many problems, all that’s got highlighted is the ban on wang wang?! really? what about education? books? teachers? classrooms? aren’t this the more important ones? Maybe, I am just not seeing the humor in it. I am just still wondering, of all things why the siren? or the blinkers? or whatever it’s called. I mean, if I’m in the streets and got nothing to eat, or a hard working fuckfactory worker worried about my pay, or a whoever, what’s that freaking bs has got something to do with me? I won’t be able to feed my family even if you jail those bastards. Come on. We’re better than this (that is a hope). I am only one and I’m counting a lot on the new admin to deliver the goods and see improvements. Okay, maybe this is somehow an improvement, alright, that it’ll start from them, that they’ll be a good example, alright that’s good, we’ll take that. But for me, we deserve something more and something better than this. And I’m not losing any hope because of this. I have gained more hope in fact. It’s just that it’s time to be more serious now, time to flex our muscles and move forward. We can do this. We’ll do it.

Udub Encounter
I’m soooo glad to have seen and heard them play again. woooootwooo! that was heaven. It was one helluva of a night! OPM music at its best. Great Music overload right there – December Avenue, Salamin, Subscapular, ‘Dub. Man. we were high! not literally. although that would’ve been nice too (*wink). It was fun. I don’t know. I can’t quite explain the feeling. When you’re around those cool people, everyone being on the same wave length, nothing compares. and I’ll do it over and over again. When’s the next ‘dub gig? let’s roll!

Biggest Movies Of The Year
Yep, it’s not the Twilight Sequel baby, it is, are…
The Other Guys

Meet The Little Fockers
Now, I’d buy premiere tickets to see these. Man, I’m excited! Wiiiieeeeeh!

Run Barbie, Run!
We’ve registered and we’re set. Yey! We are joining the… what run is that again? I forgot. It’ll be in Alabang on the 11th, Sunday, and I’m excited! Hopefully it won’t rain. Kat, JR, Don, Crissy, and me! come, let’s join us =D And hopefully after this, we’d run some more and join some more run-for-a-cause for all the right reasons. It’s just weird, they’re setting all these Runs during the Rainy Season. Or perhaps I just missed on the previous runs this summer. See, I told you I’m busy. Rain or shine, it’s ready, set, go!

Knight And Day
And speaking of another movie (I thought I was busy?hehe), I’m glad to have found resources to see this! Funny, funny movie. Not your typical action heavy movie. It was an action with a rom-com twist kind of movie. I wasn’t able to catch Vanilla Sky wherein they first (?) paired up, but I’m thinking that was some kind of heavy stuff, with drama and shit. I think I saw the trailer of that movie hence my idea of it. With this one, I was laughing my head off here and there, wasn’t really affected with the drama of the movie, as again it was done in a lighter mode kind of way. which was perfect for me. i don’t know about you. that’s my kind of movie. With me. Without me. You choose ;-P

Borrowed Time
Lately, I have been borrowing time from Red Bull, I-On, Gatorade, and Starbucks. Really. I wouldn’t have survived last week without these folks. Yup, they’re my friends. We are this close. uh-huh. they have become my source of strength, and they’ve been true to me – set the right expectation, didn’t complain, didn’t scold me (not even once), was there for me all the time. I love you guys. Group hug! Blog.

More Than Just A Game
It was a great game. came down to wire, each team giving their all, each player doing their best to win the game. a great one. Congratulations to the Lakers and the Lakers fans. You deserve the championship. As for Boston, nobody expected you’d go this far, and taking the former champs to the limit is something to be proud of.

To Phil Jackson, congratulations on your 11th. Now that is something. As much as I hate to say it, it’s time to hang it up. Arguably the best coach ever, 11 rings as a player and a coach? man, i don’t think it’ll still be topped. great job, Phil.

Doc Rivers, now you gotta keep on going. I can see you having a great success in being a coach. your ways are that of a champion. Although I must admit that it’ll be difficult for you to have this kind f success next season. KG is old, so is Ray, Sheed, and Pierce. But then again, it was the same thing that was said to you prior to this season. All the best of luck to you and your team.

Wow, the Finals just ended and I’m excited for next season already. So many exciting things that will and should happen.

Basketball has really been the savior for me. Ever since I was a kid, i loved the game and still love it now. It takes my mind of the wall. One person I would really like to see on the other side and shake hands with is Dr. James Naismith. Without him, there’s no basketball, no NBA, no fun. I will look for ye on the other side 😉

With that, here’s to all the basketball fans all over the world and outer space. cheers!

The Other Ball
I’m talking about soccer. I don’t know, I just never got into the game. I can see a lot of fans going gaga over it, maybe more than I’m into a basketball as a fan, it’s just not for me. I find it too (forgive me for saying this word Soccer fans) boring. Maybe because them soccer players don’t score that much (pun intended. hehe)? It is one sport though that I think us Filipinos would be really good at. Maybe we’re good already but not that good. The good thing is it’s picking up, it’s starting to become popular here in the country. And I can see that in the near future we’ll have a representative in FIFA or wherever. Who knows. It’s all good.

The Replacement
I posted a picture on my wall just a couple of days ago. Beautiful right? Her name, Rosie Huntington-Whitely. She is the one replacing Megan Fox in Transformers 3. I know, I know. I hear you. Let’s give her a chance, who knows.

Little Piece Of Heaven
Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies! Yum! my guilty pleasure lately. It helps me a lot really, especially when I’m handling a class and I can’t go out, this saves the day for me. hmmmmm… I like all of the flavors but my favorite is Honey Nuts. You should try it. No, Quaker didn’t pay me anything for the ads. Enjoy!

Thank You Will Do
How difficult is it to say “Thanks!” or “Thank You!” or “Salamat!”? You know? I just find it rude when people ask something from you, or ask a favor, and all you get is… nothing. I know it’s my job, but not even a thank you? man. I’m not talking about a particular person or customer, but people in general who ask for this or that, and they treat you like they’re somebody. Just disgusting. So to you all, whenever you ask a waiter, a cab driver, a whoever, a little courtesy will do. (Yeah, I just had to get that out of my system. Bad vibes out. shooo! moving on…)

Motorcycle Drive By
No, not the 3eb song, but a motorcycle. should I get one? I don’t feel that I need it, I don’t think that I do, but my cousins are pushing me for it. And I am seriously considering it. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But yeah, I shouldn’t say never. We’ll see.

Kobe Rajon Rondo Is the Man.
How can you go wrong with this guy – 19 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 steals, 1 block in 41 minutes. Man. All the things he does. He hustles, he scores, he passes, he defends, he’s focused and definitely have a big heart. and he’s only 23. damn. Basketball is in god hands. Yeah, Kobe is one of the best, so is LeBron, DWade, my other man Dirk, but Rondo is just awesome. He is now of one of my favorites. Not just because of what he did today, but what he consistently does for the Celtics. I am not a big fan of Celtics, I just want to make that clear (defensive). Rajon Rondo = MVP.

Rean: “help!!!”
Life: “no. not this time. ”
Rean: “but please…”
Life: “no. you need to help yourself. you need some growing up.”
Rean: =I

S.Y. 2010-2011
Is it really school time again? That was fast! whew.

Rain Rain Go Away
Noooo….! not yet! I know it’s efin hot out there, but, no heavy rains yet. maybe next year?

Youtube Hit
I’m wondering for a long while now, what is the most viewed youtube entry? would you know? anyone? if you know it please let me know. I’m just curious.. (is it susan boyle’s video? 93+ million views last time i checked).

FB – efin B
I should be sleeping by now but I’m still here, in front of the pc, doing fb. darn. I’m pathetic.

Tough Love
I’m missing my family. It’s been a while. I will see you soon. sorry.

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me…”
Remember the song from Toy Story? It goes like, “You’ve got a friend me; I’ve got a friend in you…” something like that? I dunno, I just found myself singing that song over and over lately. I think the reason why was,or were, the people around me who are just very much willing to help me without asking for anything in return. You know, you ask a favor, and they’re there without batting an eyelash. And then you feel like connected with them when in fact you rarely talk to them or even see them. It is just heart-warming. So for those people who extended their helping hand/s, thank you. I appreciate it. I hope you don’t find this emo, and even if you do, all I want to say is THANK YOU. Your random act of kindness really touched a nerve and it won’t be forgotten. I hope I can repay you in whatever way, soon. I will. I won’t mention your names here, you know who you are. Thank God for people like you. I feel blessed, and I am, for having you. Group hug….. =)

Three – Zero
Orlando just got waxed right there. Man. Maybe the Celtics are for real. I remember Jake telling me that he thought I am in the Celts bandwagon, and I think I will be soon. That was just some ass-whoppin’. And that Rondo dude, he crazy! Best play of the year, best player of the Playoffs. Boston is in good hands… bring on the Lakers?

Another Weekend, Another Quality Time Together
This is what I’m saying. You don’t have to spend too many hours together to say that you weretogether. You know what I mean? It is what you do with whatever amount of time you have. And forcing fate just doesn’t make sense, won’t make sense. Go with the flow, don’t force things, let it happen, yadda yadda yadda…

No Way But Up
They say when you’re down and almost out, there is no way for you but to go up. And I am trying to get comfort out of that saying. If all the good things come to end, so are the bad right? Yep, trying to be positive. Come on, help me out here =)

El Nino, La Nina
Man, when are they going to give us a break? Experts say, after El Nino, there will be La Nina come July. my God. I hope we are all prepared. I hope the government is prepared or at least preparing for it. Yaiks. But then again, they said the same thing I think two, three years back? That La Nina will rip the country like whatever, and it didn’t really happen. So… I think these people are just expecting for the worst, wherein it’s a good thing too. Whatever happens, I hope we’ll all be safe. God bless us.

Lauro Clan
I should be sleeping right now as i still have two full shifts later (good luck with that), but i can’t put this of for later. I wanna tell the world how much I love my family. they’re the best! the way they care for me, they understand me, and love me unconditionally. call it drama but difficult times like this you really get to appreciate those little things – offers you food, asks you how you’re doing, and the likes. I mean, we are not that affectionate and showy, that’s just not us, but you know those things. I can’t quite explain it. their body language, words that are not spoken but you feel, their actions, everything. we don’t even have the family that some would envy, but who cares. I love this bunch of weirdos around me, and I love them for life. you guys know who you are. YOU rock.

Shortest Weekend Ever But…
…but worthwhile. thank YOU.

Penny From Heaven
i was busy looking at some of his videos lately and damn was he that great. i’m still in awe seeing his moves; he was simply the best. at the same time, i kept on wondering what could have been if he wasn’t injured that bad; what if he is still playing right now; how well would he match up with the youngsters now; who will be teaming up with; how many championships could he have won; and list goes on. it’s bittersweet. but it is what it is. he made a great impact to the league and to me as a fan. i wish him well. and i am still the number 1 fan. you’re the man.

Will Do Better
Yes, i will. slowly getting my groove back. give me a couple of more hours, days.

None Of My Business
The things that are happening to people, the things that they are doing, good or bad, that’s none of my biz. I will instead do my best to make this little corner of the world better.

There were pcos machines (that weren’t used in precincts) found in makati and antipolo?!! where did that come from? and why was it being kept in a private citizen’s house?! hmmmm… you gotta wonder…

That Was A Quickie
That was fast. Where did the days go? Suddenly it’s Friday. Man. Next thing we know it’s Christmas. Whew. Not complaining. Just saying.

Let Him Be
Ladies, if you want to keep your man, let him be. I think that’s the best unsolicited advise I can give you. Let him be – let him play those online games, let him hang around with his boys, let him make mistakes, let him realize his mistakes, let him be. He’ll appreciate it. I do.

Can’t Get Enough Of Udub
Don’t they have a next gig yet? They do have a gig but it’ll be in the South. hmmm… what about following them there? That’s a nice idea…

One Cup At A Time
Life has forced me to learn this lesson. I’m cool with it. Taking all the good things.

Ray Anthony: Is A Mess
Aaargh! i hate it! i hate myself for settling on mediocrity. I know I can do better but it feels like something’s pulling me to just lay back, relax, no need to panic mode. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad but if I am feeling this way then perhaps it is bad, right? hay… but it’s all good i guess. that means i am still doing fine but I could be better, things could be better (and it will). keeps me on my toes. alright, maybe i should just take all the good from the “bad” and move on. see, it’s a mess.

Sorry For The Inconvenience
I should hung a sign that says this phrase on my neck. really. i know i have been and have become a burden to many this past few days (years) and i would like to apologize for those who were affected, being affected. This is not even drama or emo moment. i just feel like sorry for being a headcase lately. and at the same time appreciative of things and people who’s putting up with my retarded self. you know who you are. thank you. i appreciate it really. i may not say it often or not say it all, but i’m more than grateful. group hug……

Where To Go From Here
Talking about My Mavericks =( didn’t expect that from them. but it is what it is. we’re moving on. looking forward to next season. DWade and Dirk on the same team? Won’t complain for CB4. Really something to look forward to. Let’s go Mavs! All the way!


I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
I wish we can buy sleep. you know. you don’t have to really sleep , just buy it, so you can work on your everyday thing. man. 24 hours is just not enough.

Sick and Tired
of all the dramas in life. enough of it. i had too much already. drama overdose. let’s just enjoy the ride why don’t we.

It Is What It Is
It happened, move on. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. there’s a story behind the story. we may not know or understand it now, but I just know there is reason, there are reasons for it.

I am looking for a financial adviser. must be good looking, sexaaay, and good looking. math degree not necessary.

Thank Heaven
Chen is all ok now. here’s wishing and praying for her fast recovery. we love you Chen.

Legalize It
When are they going to? because quad espresso just don’t cut it anymore. i need a better drug. i am voting for whoever’s going to just even put it in his/her platform. yes, I’m insane. i heard that.


Let’s Jump The Gun
This is going to be one helluva week – new class (on my own. ngyai), money matters, udub gig (wooooot!), going back home, full scheds for both starbucks and oww. man. but i’m excited. excited to the things that might happen, good or bad. whew. must be because of the quad espresso. whatever it is, i hope i’m still alive by the end of the week. or maybe not. if i die along the way, that’d be nice too. cremation please.

All Oh-Kaye
In case I die this week (so emo) or anytime soon, I’d like everybody to know that I have my hats off to my Manager, Kaye. may not be the best to you, but certainly one of a kind. she’s different in a good way. awesome, awesome person. you may not like her but I do. thanks Kaye for being a true person. hugs…

Rock and Rogue!
Let’s go! All set for me; who wants to tag along? talk to whoever you need to talk to, take your leave (don’t be absent or go on awol, not recommended), let’s roll! soooooo excited. this is going to be the highlight of my life! exaggerated… but im freaking seriously uber excited. f*ck! woohooo! (must really be the quad espresso…). April 29, 8:30pm, Encore Taguig. It’s a date. I’m brushing up on my lyrics now…

Hey You!
Yes you. thanks for a wonderful weekend. one day, one cup, one c2, one weekend at a time. apir.

Telesexysales 36
Congratulations y’all! You are all great. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a wonderful time. your turn to show them vets that you belong. knock ’em all, bring in the sales! you can do it. again, thank you. (I’m trying to upload all the pictures and videos but i have yet to find time for it. verrrrry busy. darn. doing the upload from my phone to pc right now and I’m like 25 out of 471 pictures done. man…)

Advy, Is That You?
Why do I have this strong feeling that I’ll have my next car anytime soon? hmmm… I don’t know, weird (but nice). Whatever this is, I’m just gonna savor it; bring on the car. I’m sending it to the universe…

Chen, hold on angel. everything’s going to be alright. Jo and Den, everything will be fine. I’ll see guys soon. Let me know how I can be of help. We are here for you.


Playoffs 2010
Was waiting for a long while with this, and it finally arrived thank God. My Mavs versus Spurs? i know we can handle. Not to be over-confident though. we can breeze through it. Let’s go Mavs! All the way!

Haven’t had in a while until this week. had fun sleeping, cuddling, sleeping, sleeping… =) Thanks for a wonderful one. until next week *wink

Telesales 36
This is it guys. Let us finish strong. i owe leo and mary their favorite Starbucks drink right? who wants some more? 7 bookings. bring it!

Old Habits Never Go Away
or so i thought? there’s gotta be a way right? if i don’t stop this i’d rather be dead. help pleaseee… =(

Moon Fetish
Haha. i can’t explain it. it always leaves a smile on my face whenever i look at the moon. weird. i am just awed by the beauty of it. especially when its full moon? just a thing of beauty. God does exist.

Told you guys, it will happen. and will happen soon. yeah. Looking forward to the weekend. Makati to Laguna to Zambales. Let’s do this!
my first real email address. debs, i’m going to see you soon. miss you debbie.

New Training Admin
Welcome!!! okay, back to work.

Delamar’s Wisdom
“Don’t regret anything you’ve done, don’t feel so sorry for the things you did. It happened. You learn your lessons. Move on. It’s your life. These things are part of YOUR journey.” – not the exact words but something to that effect. but it is so true, right? just the right words i needed to hear. this is my life, this is my journey. f*ck off.

urbandub gig
when will i hear these guys again? if you happen to know any gig of theirs, let me know. it’s on me.

Soul Mates, Let Us Unite
Got exciting news from Paul – they are going back home!!!! woooooot! him and Debs! I am soooo excited! Mates, clear your schedules. This is going to be crazy.

Wisdom Tooooot!
It is freaking aching! man… i thought i’m done with this. apparently, not. now I’m scared again. i remember my dentist telling me that if it gets in the way, they will have to do an operation – smack right my face, forcefully remove it, and then die of pain. huwaaaaaaaa…!

For Your Ice Only
Loooove munching on ice. drink will not be finished until i consume all those ice. yeah yeah, i know it’s bad for my teeth (haha! now we are even!), but what the heck. i am enjoying it. most good things are bad anyway – coffee, marriage, kindness… huwaaaat?!! you can tell I’m jaded. more ice, ice baby.
Alright alright. This is for you Joe and the rest of you…

1.) Near Death Experience
– nearly got ran over by a car because he was trying to “escape” from fans who were so eager to get his autograph. you know how fans are right? they were so into him that he had to run across the street and nearly got hit by a cab. crazy fans (hehe…)

2.) Rob Pat and Pierce Brosnan
– when they were shooting for the movie Remember Me, again there were fans waiting for them everywhere they went, fans of him and Pierce. he was surprised with how Pierce accomodated his own fans – giving autograph, talking to them, and he was even the one who introduced himself to them. robpat was so amazed. he said he would like to be like that to his fans. now, good luck to that.

3.) Sex Scene from Remeber Me
– a couple of trivia: they had to make a pad or something (forgot how it’s called) for his thingy for that particular scene. to make it look even bigger? (i thought he has 11 for his shoe size? hehe); they had to reshoot that scene because him and the actress (what’s her name?) were sooooo into it, it looked like a real real love-making. the director had to “edit” it for his fans, because you know, the image and sh*t; but i must say that’s good acting right? i mean, they made it believable (if there is such a word).

4.) Favorite “Person”
– yep, you are right. it is his late pooch. i don’t know the name, it was not mentioned, but there, he said his late doggy is his favorite person ever. and yes, it got mixed reaction from his family. he must really love that bitch.

There. I know there’s a lot more. you tell us. share it with other fanatics. Joe meet Teen, Teen meet Joe…


Rob Pat
Attention Rob Pat’s fans: DO NOT READ this. Okay, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. But then again, you might know these things already. Look this up now: 1.) Rob Pat’s near death experience 2.) Rob Pat and Pierce Brosnan 3.) Sex Scene from Remember Me 4.) His Favorite, Most Important “Person” In the World. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. you’ll get more addicted to him. (yes, I’m talking to you Joe, *wink) and, I heard his shoe size is 11. big feet, big ….

Mavs All The Way
Just when I mentioned about the winning streak, they lose by 30. oh, 35 to be exact. Dang. Maybe they were just too pre-occupied with the pacquiao-clottey fight. Anyway, it’s time to start a new winning steak. Mavs all the way!

Yep, I’m talking about the pacman-clottey fight. Clottey fought not to win but to stay alive. It is a good tactic against the champ, but hey, this is boxing. Maybe he should’ve fought in another sport. But there, it happened already. Not complaining about it. Our man won, everybody’s happy. I hope everybody’s happy. I must say though, I like the Ghana dance, the way he danced during the entrance. That was cool.

Missing My Alma
No, not ms.moreno. My Alma Mater that is. I’d love to be back there in the campus, spend some time in the lobby, in the library, in the hallway, in the classroom. I miss having discussions with my classmates, with my thesis partner, with the professor. that’s the place i want to revisit before I die. Animo Benilde!

Mavs All The Way
13 game winning streak and counting. Hopefully this is the year. all the way!

Who Is The Next Training Admin?
I enjoy being part of the interview. Knowing the candidates for the post, learning a few from them. and the discussion with Owen, Paige, and JR that ensues after each interview. whoever makes it, i, we are looking forward to working with you. cheers!

Due For Another Vacay
I know it will happen, soon. wanna tag along?
Bieber Fever
Man, this kid must be real good. have you heard about the news about him and his throng of fans? look it up. they crazy. i hope it all turns well for him. i mean i hope he does not become the next aaron carter.

Udub Mode
The inevitable. i am in that mood again. and there’s no stopping it. “when the fighting is over…”

Telesales Batch 36
Excited about it. i hope everything turns out great for this batch, just like the previous. bring the rain!

Iron Man 2
That just looked real crazy! more than a thousand iron mans?!! okay, thats exagerated. just saw the trailer and can’t wait to hit powerplant again.



1, 2 , 3… smile!
Whew. Finally. after a long while, i was able to upload SOME pictures. Yep, just some. There are a lot more in the bag. that’ll come later. meanwhile, friends and enemies, enjoy! next batch of pictures might come no later than 3 months. hehe…

Rean’s Shots
Really loooove taking pictures. and with this album, i’d like to share some more of my weirdness. i hope you enjoy it.

Son of a beach!
who’s up for a trip to the beach?!! let’s go! let’s roll!

Happy New…. Decade?
Is it? or is that for 2011? hmmm… anyhoo, it is a new year that’s for sure. and with that, here’s hoping for a better year. cheers everyone!

The Next Great Hope
2010 is the year when we see lots of banners and streamers all over the place. I am not a registered voter but what the heck. I am entitled to my own political opinion. Right now? I think it’s a raise between Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar. It’s Noynoy’s election to lose; Villar is fast catching up and I must say with all those money to spend in advertisements (catchy ads too, “naranasan mo na bang magpasko sa kalsada…”), man he has a big chance. But whoever wins, I think we are in a better position, a better chance to improve our current state. It’s a win-win for us, I hope.

Great Way To Start The Year
What better way to start the year than serving your mom and dad a cup of Starbucks coffee? “Gold Coast Blend 4-Cup Press for Mommy and Daddy ready at the bar.” Enjoy!


Good Morning, Orlando!!!

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Unreal

It’s gonna be a good day. Great day. Wooooooooooooooooot!

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